My Hypothesis- PitAndThePendulum

  1. Big corporations vs small businesses

2. The growth of big businesses and corporations has effectively destroyed their smaller competition

3. Small businesses have trouble surviving because of the popularity of Big corporations

4. Small businesses do not have the same resources as Big corporations to keep themselves financially stable

5. Big corporations and businesses gradually picking off small businesses effectively establishes them as economic superpowers, as those who could own their own business are forced into working under the ever-growing corporation

6. By supporting small businesses, we not only bolster our communities, but we prevent large corporations from establishing total economic power of the consumer industry

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1 Response to My Hypothesis- PitAndThePendulum

  1. davidbdale says:

    A strong start, Pit(and the Pendulum) and an important topic, but it’s still a topic, not a Hypothesis. Every business that grows in a limited market inevitably deprives other similar businesses of market share, and, one that grows even bigger will drive smaller companies that stay in the same market out of business.

    You might be talking about agriculture. You might be talking about social media platforms, You might be talking about retail. Everybody used to complain about shopping malls killing downtown stores. Then they complained about Walmart killing every small retailer, even those at the mall. Then Amazon stopped people from going into any stores at all.

    So, what’s your much narrower focus? Barber shops vs. HairCuttery? The new consolidation of small veterinary practices into national conglomerates?

    The only thing you can’t answer is “All of them.” You don’t have room in 3000 words to even begin an Introduction of such a mammoth survey.

    Tell me a text case that best exemplifies the triumph of a big corporations over its small competitors and we can focus on HOW it happened, WHY it’s permitted, WHAT can be done to turn the tide. The answers to those questions are MUCH TOO NUMEROUS to cover in a short paper.


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