My Hypothesis – InspireAngels

  1. Enhance brain health in humans
  2. Enhancing brain function and its correlations with hunger
  3. The effect enhancing your brain can have on your eating habits
  4. When individuals enhance their brain function, they are mostly likely to eat more
  5. Individuals who enhance their brain function by doing memorization games frequently are more likely to have eating habits that cause them to consume more than ones who don’t regularly
  6. Individuals who boost their brain function by doing crossword puzzles frequently will consume more snacks than of person who doesn’t do crossword puzzles daily
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1 Response to My Hypothesis – InspireAngels

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is a fascinating Hypothesis, IS, but I wonder which of two outcomes you think would be more favorable.

    1. You could discover that some intrepid investigator has conducted a massive study of crossword puzzle solvers and compared it to non-solvers, then cross-checked that against their snack consumption. If you should find that study, your research will require just one source and the work will have been done before you started.
    2. You could discover that no one has ever studied the correlation between puzzle solving and snack consumption. What then? Are you ready to become the intrepid investigator who conducts the study? What would be the alternative?

    I don’t mean to be discouraging. I like the broad concept. But I’m more eager to see where it GOES FROM HERE than what you could do with this first draft.


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