My Hypothesis – Chickenfingers203

  1. Behavior in people
  2. Behavior in elementary school children
  3. Negative behavior can be affected by positive teacher interaction
  4. A reward system will change behavior in the classroom
  5. A reward system will positively influence children’s behavior in elementary school
  6. Behavior in elementary school children is directly influenced by a reward system that is maintained by the classroom teacher on a daily basis
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2 Responses to My Hypothesis – Chickenfingers203

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey, ChickenFingers! Yours is clearly a popular topic with researchers. I got a couple hundred thousand results to a Google Scholar search for elementary school positive reinforcement

    I managed to reduce that number by putting phrases into quotes:
    “positive reinforcement” “motivating students” still generated nearly 4000 academic sources:,31

    Clearly, you’ll be able to find evidence from researchers for any “flavor” of this topic you select, which OBLIGATES you to radically narrow your hypothesis.

    Find an edge, an angle, an ax to grind, CF.

    Here’s just one example of a lens through which to view the mountain of material:
    “What do pre-service teachers know and believe about motivating students? A look at their motivational styles, strategies, and efficacy beliefs”:

    I look forward to chatting with you about how to limit your scope when we have our Conference.

    Is this helpful so far?


  2. davidbdale says:

    Hey, ChickenFingers! I appears you haven’t revised your Hypothesis since our Conference, so I presume your Feedback request is from a time before our chat. Is there a particular question I can help you with?

    Have you found sources helpful in focusing your thinking?


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