Can you see my definition argument as I need some guidance to create a causal argument Professor

I wish for your feedback professor

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I have read your Definition Argument and have left substantial feedback for you there, Levix. But there are still many things about the lanternfly that you haven’t addressed.

    How did they come to be such a scourge? When they arrived here from (where?) did they find the climate and conditions perfect for reproduction and rapid multiplication? Are they a scourge everywhere they live, or do natural predators keep them in check in other countries (continents?)?

    What exactly do they eat? You’re not clear about whether it’s the actual fruit they eat or some other part of the fruit tree. I know they also favor grape vines. Is that to eat the grapes? Or do they use the vines, the leaves, the roots and stems, for habitat or reproduction? I know they favor Tree of Heaven for something, but is it for food? What food does it supply?

    How new or how old are efforts to contain them? Is there a history of success or failure at interrupting their reproductive cycle? Do all females lay 30-40 eggs one time in their 1-year life span? If so, what’s the best time/method for interrupting that cycle?

    Do birds already here in North America eat the flies? Their eggs? Does anything?

    Is anybody working on a genetic solution to curbing their rapid spread? By interrupting their reproductive cycle? By preventing the eggs from being laid or preventing them from hatching? By introducing a hybrid species that reproduces faster but lives on a weed?

    Are these questions helpful to get you started on a new Causal angle?


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