Visual Rewrite-Zipemup1


The opening shot of the video depicts a knight riding a horse and dressed in full armor. He appears to be in an enclosed environment in the backdrop. He is surrounded by metal poles that have been rusted. That leads me to believe he is taking part in some sort of event. In the backdrop, I also see trees, a massive mountain, and slopes of orange-brownish earth. The ground appears to be pretty dry as well.All of these elements are clearly intended to establish the tone for the viewer to expect a brawl.


A second knight can be seen in this video footage. This knight is also riding a horse and wearing a full set of gleaming armor. He appears to be in an enclosed place as well, yet there is a brick wall behind him. His horse is also wearing a chanfron, a sort of armor placed on the horse’s head during jousting events. So I’m guessing these two knights are jousting against each other in a competition.All of these elements are intended to establish the tone for the viewer to expect a brawl.


In this shot, the second knight is drawing a sword. He’s still on his horse, and he’s staring at his opponent. These two appear to be in the midst of a fight.All of these elements are clearly intended to establish the tone for the viewer to expect a brawl.


In this sequence, the knight lifts his sword while his horse digs his hoof into the earth. The horse is digging a little trench into the dirt with his hoof. Bulls perform the very same motion before charging at the opposition. This horse in the scenario appears to be battle-ready and ready to charge as well.


The two knights are gazing at each other in this moment. Then one of the knights pulls out his phone, he is messaging someone named Princess in his contacts. Until this moment, the interaction between the two knights appeared serious, as if they were ready to battle. But as he pulls out his phone, it appears like all of the severity of the battle is lost. I believe the author included this element on purpose to lighten the tone.


The two knights are storming at each other in this scenario. One with a sword in one hand and the other with a phone in the other. I believe this was displayed in the film to demonstrate that the rider with the phone in this hand will lose. Because of the distraction of the phone, the rider does not even have a sword for fight, therefore he cannot win.


The scenario transitions to a black screen with white writing just before the two knights collide. These letters spell out “Don’t Text and Ride,” then change to “Don’t Text and Drive.” This makes me realize that the author was attempting to draw a parallel between the ad and a real-life issue that is rather frequent in today’s culture. This issue called texting while driving, and many people die as a result of it every day.


The writing changes in the last scene to “It’s Joust Not Worth It,” which is also the title of the video. This scene is intended to raise awareness against texting and driving. This moment and film as a whole are intended to promote safe driving and the prohibition of texting while driving.

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