Visual Rewrite-zzbrd2822


The viewers are shown what appears to be an African American family who is presumably leaving from the front door of their house. They are stepping away from their front door, however, we do not see it close. It makes it unclear whether it is their house, but it seems to be in a regular suburban neighborhood. The door is white with patterned windows and a brick wall surrounding the exterior of the house. The family seems to be a middle-class family, based on their house and casual clothing consisting of t-shirts, jeans, and standard work attire for the parents. They are dressed for moderate to warm weather. There are four people present, a mother, a father, and two children. The parents appear to be middle-aged. The mother of the family is carrying a toddler in one hand and with an orange cup in the other hand.  The father is carrying a variety of children’s toys, a stroller, a presumed diaper bag, and a cup. Behind the father and hiding in between the two parents, is another child who is looking down and is out of the focal view. The mother is carrying her son, while the daughter is standing behind the father. The mother is turning towards the viewer as the camera lens is slowly zooming out. The video quality is professional and clear and is filmed at a slightly lower angle. The mother has a frantic expression with her mouth open, while the father has a calmer expression. Both parents are looking past the camera into the distance. We do not know what they are looking at, however, we can assume it can be something in front of their house or in the sky. The overabundance of materials gives the scene a sense of the chaos in the family. It appears this family is rushing out of the house to go somewhere. The parents are completely preoccupied with the stuff they’re carrying that they don’t make eye contact with each other.


The lens angle continues to slowly zoom out showing more of a larger perspective into this scene. They are continuing to walk away from their house. The father looks down at the little girl in a white and blue dress and speaks to her in a fond manner as the little girl is smiling with excitement. The mother flips her hair out of her face. We know they are going somewhere, but “somewhere” is not yet specified.


The camera quickly cuts to a close-up of the mother’s face showing a faint smile and her looking past the camera. This quick close-up of the mother puts emphasis and paints importance on her facial expression.  After, the lens is zoomed back out abruptly to the entire family. The family of four continues walking towards the camera and away from their house. The father’s face turns serious as he looks to be scolding the little girl.


The camera cuts to focus on the little girl walking next to her father. She begins tugging on a blue and green toy that is attached to the diaper bag the father is carrying. As the little girl continues pulling the toy, this leads to the father losing his balance and grip on the other items he is holding. He begins to drop the stroller that is tucked underneath his arm. The camera cuts to the mother looking distressed and yelling something to the father. This shows a sense of intense emotion.


The lens zooms out to show the entire family struggling to hold everything and deal with the children. The little girl is looking at the father, while he continues to struggle with everything in his hands. The mother shows a bent posture telling the viewers she is strained. The camera cuts back to showing her panicked face with her eyes and mouth wide open. The fast camera cuts in these scenes give a sense of motion and hurriedness.


The camera shows the whole family from their left side where the mother is bent over, holding her child and struggling to walk properly. Next to her, the father is looking directly at his daughter who is still holding the toy. The camera focuses on the father trying to take a bite of some food, which looks to be a soft pretzel or some bread. The camera zooms out to again show the whole family. The father continues to struggle with the stroller. The little girl is now walking in front of her mother. The camera then shifts its position as it is now on the ground, focusing on the father’s shoes and legs struggling to walk with the stroller. A blurry car is visible in the background. The fast camera cuts in these scenes give a sense of motion and hurriedness.


The little girl shows an expressive and happy face with a smile. The girl drops her toy as the camera zooms back out to the entire family. The fast camera cuts in these scenes give a sense of motion and hurriedness.


The mother is holding her baby and places her cup on top of the car. The father and daughter wait for the car door to slide open. The camera focuses on the mother holding her baby and then changes to show the father buckling the girl into her car seat. This implies it can be a car safety advertisement for busy families.


The lens focuses on the father buckling his child into the car seat. This provides emphasis on car safety and the importance of wearing seatbelts. The little girl then spills popcorn everywhere. The camera then focuses on the mother buckling the baby into the car seat. This again further emphasizes the seatbelts and how they can protect children from accidents. The ad logo then appears as the commercial ends.

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3 Responses to Visual Rewrite-zzbrd2822

  1. zzbrd2822 says:

    Hi Professor! Could you review if my observations are detailed enough and what I should add to make it better? Also, how well did I draw inferences from my observations?


  2. davidbdale says:

    You have not told us anything about the house, and not much about the parents or children. It may be uncomfortable to point out the ethnicity of your cast, but every viewer will react to their skin tone, even the variations in skin tone. We don’t yet know much about this presumed family, but their dynamic and their situation might very well be influenced by their economic status, their age, their race(s). Are they dressed for a certain type of weather? Can we see the sky? Are the parents so completely pre-occupied with the stuff they’re carrying that they don’t make eye contact with each other, with the children, with anything else? What are they looking at? What does the house look like? Where is it located? Viewers will begin to make judgements about the family from details such as these. What makes you certain they’re coming out of their own house? Granted, it’s the most likely situation, but what if they hauled all this stuff and all these kids to a relative’s house who turned out not to be home? Might they just as easily be departing disappointed from someone else’s home? If we saw them close the door, we’d know more.

    Are the questions helpful in pointing out how MUCH MORE we judge, and how much more we still have to judge, based on what we can see in the first second of video?

    Conversation, please. 🙂


  3. zzbrd2822 says:

    Thank you for the feedback! I will make revisions with these corrections.


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