Visual Rewrite-Minutemen

Visual Rhetoric


We see a man putting on some type of work out glove.  He is wearing rubber bracelets on and a fitness watch of some sort which we can infer that he is active.  He is inside of a home.  From his forearms, we can assume he is in good shape and that he is very active. There is no shot of the mans head in this first scene. We get a view of his legs, arms and overall physique which is screaming out that he is a dedicated individual.


With quick pauses throughout this frame we can see the word “Veteran” across the previously mentioned rubber bracelet. We see him putting on cycling shoes and getting on a stationary bike.  We see the process of him putting on these shoes. It is very methodical, even in the quick frame and we get a sense of organization and great efficiency. There is a feeling of routine and process by the way he prepares for this workout and while he actually is riding the bike. He takes care and pride as he goes about the workout and he shows dedication and consistence. The lower frame reveals he is wearing biking shorts and most likely is an avid cycler.  We see an american flag draped over the bike so this further solidifies his involvement in the military.


In these two seconds the clip does not change much; it is a slow motion video of him pedaling.  It does clearly reveal a military tattoo which, again solidifies his military background.  We can get a sense that he is in very good shape now that we see his legs in frame.  He looks very athletic. There is a funny conflicting between him being all geared up for a workout inside on a bike that goes nowhere. This implies that he goes above and beyond, almost a bit of overachieving. We get a sense that he is all about doing things the right way.


Now he is sitting on the couch with an American flag in the background.  We see his face for the first time.  He is very lean with short hair and looks to be sitting in his house for an interview.  


We flash to a picture of the man next to an airplane.  HIs identity is revealed and his name is USAF Sergeant Chris Jachimiec.  He is next to a fighter jet so we can assume he is in the air force and probably flew one of these jets.


The next few seconds are Chris talking intensely about something.  We can assume it is in regard to his experience in the military, but other than that there are no new clues within the video.


The camera flashes to a picture of Chris and another man and woman.  We assume that this is Chris’s mother and brother based on the age difference and resemblance.  His brother looks a little younger than him with glasses.


In this frame we see a box that says in loving memory of Adam John Jachimiec.  We infer that this was his brother who unfortunately passed away due to the war or some other circumstance.  There is also a memorial flag out of focus in the background.


We flash back to Chris’s face and his expression seems somber and choked up.  He looks lost in thought and we can make assumptions that he is thinking about his brother for a brief moment and is upset.


In this frame he is back on the bike.  We get a sense of movin gone, or that Chris must continue on the path of life even without his brother.


We see here a quick glimpse of pistol magazines with bullets in them, along with Chris locking them away in a safe.  This could mean that his brothers death had something to do with lack of gun security or it could mean that guns in general had something to do with his brother’s death.


The camera flashes back to Chris speaking.  We obviously can’t hear what he is saying, but can infer that he is saying it with conviction and is very passionate about the topic.


The clip ends with a black background and bold letters saying Service Never Stops This is a big clue to his brothers death.  It seems as though his brother Adam could’ve taken his own life or an accident happened within the home where is brother was killed due to an accidental shot.

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2 Responses to Visual Rewrite-Minutemen

  1. davidbdale says:

    If you want to rise to the top of the Feedback Please queue, Minutemen, drop me a specific Reply here describing the sort of feedback that would help you the most. Is it your Argument, your Sources, your Research technique, your Logic, your Rhetoric, your Organization, your Grammar, or something else that you’d prefer to have help with?


  2. davidbdale says:

    First two seconds as I see it:

    One pair of gloves, or is it a pair of gloves OVER another pair of gloves?

    The wristbands say “veterans”? Is that obvious on your first viewing, or do you have to slow it down and freeze the frame to notice it? In other words, how would a viewer receive or process that information?

    Why no head or face in the frame? The concentration here is on body parts, in motion at every second, turning like pistons, functioning, purposeful, smooth, the hands and forearms.

    The clothing too is functional, fitted, tight to the body. There is nothing accidental about the shoes. They’re machines.

    It’s odd that all this purposeful motion, all the twisting and careful tightening of gear should result in a body on a bicycle that doesn’t go anywhere, that burns energy solely for the sake of an activity that results in nothing but a tighter body. It’s also odd that all that clothing and prep should be spent to get ready to not go outdoors. Is it really necessary for an indoor stationary bike ride?

    What is the purpose of showing us this person in this place going through these motions? I acknowledge that it’s too early to draw firm conclusions, but I also insist that we start to draw conclusions regardless. Directors know that we do so and start manipulating us from the first frame.


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