Visual rewrite – chickendinner

In the first shot of the video, we see a woman entering a house through the reflection of a mirror. Beneath the mirror is a desk with a lamp, clock, and key bowl. The clock says 6:10, and between the bright sky shining in through the windows and the lamp being on, (suggesting it was recently dark,) we can tell it’s 6:10 in the morning. In the next shot we see the woman putting her car keys in the key bowl, indicating that she’s just driven home, most likely from work. From this we can infer she has a job that requires her to work into the early morning. We see her walking upstairs to a room, then turning on a lamp next to a sleeping girl in bed, waking her up, probably to get ready for school. This girl is probably her daughter. She smiles and hands her daughter her glasses, showing that she takes care of her family’s needs even after a long night at work, is happy to do it, and is appreciated by her family because of it. Then we cut to her making toast and stirring something in a pan, making breakfast for her family, taking further care of them. A man of similar age to the woman walks in looking contented and they smile at each other, again showing a relation built on mutual love and appreciation. In the next shot she is ironing clothes, then a young man, probably her son, walks up to her and kisses her on the cheek, again reaffirming the theme of love and appreciation. After that, she is looking at a letter of some sort, slightly shaking her head and with a small frown, possibly of frustration or confusion. Her husband is in the kitchen across from her with a tablet. He hands her the tablet and sits across the table from her, wanting to help her with what she’s doing. The tablet is on the website, and says “Did you know the longer you wait to start collecting your Social Security the larger your monthly check could be?” which suggests what she is doing has to do with her family’s finances, and likely her retirement. She smiles and nods, indicating this is helpful advice to her current situation.

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