visual – chickennuget

0:00- 0:03 

The first shot is of a group of 14 people of all ages at a table full of food outdoors during the day time. Some are sitting and some are standing, and they are all talking, laughing and having fun and dressed nicely. It looks to me like a family party or celebration. A woman and man are standing in the center holding plates of food, the man is wearing an apron. From this, I assume that they are the hosts since they are the ones preparing the food. The woman and man are looking directly into the camera, while everyone else is conversing. In the background, there are children playing in a swimming pool, and a fire. A girl in the background is smiling with her arms up. It seems as if they are playing outdoor games. There are also more tables in the background with food on them so there are probably more people at the party. Even further in the background there is a house that looks relatively big and nice. From this you could assume that they are a wealthy family. 


The next shot is a close up of the food on the grill. They are making corn, kabobs, and a meat that looks like pork. The flames coming up from the grill are in slow motion, making the food look delicious and fresh. Next, we see another close up shot of a girl’s hand pouring some lemonade, and in the background we see a table full of food. They have watermelon, vegetables, meat, rice, and chips. I think the director may have done this to show how many people were present at the celebration. 


Next, we see a table with desserts like cupcakes and drinks. There are cups with blue liquid in them and more kabobs but with fruits and I think marshmallows. There is a sign above that table that reads “Feliz Cumpleanos” which means happy birthday in spanish. There is confetti falling from the air in slow motion. Next we see a little girl wearing an alien costume blowing out the candles on the cake in front of her. Next to her, there is a little boy and a little girl standing next to her and clapping, both wearing costumes. From this we can conclude that it is a Spanish family celebrating a little girl’s birthday. Her cake is also space themed so we can tell that she is interested in that. 


The next shot is from behind the little girl, and we can see the entire room. There are 8 adults in the room all standing near each other in a line. They are watching the little girl blow out her candles and clapping for her. One of them who looks like a grandfather is recording her on his phone. There are space themed balloons. The rest of the people in the room are children, probably the little girl’s friends/ family and their parents. All of the little kids are wearing costumes. The two adults in the center of the room are the same ones who were holding the plates in the first scene. So from that I assume that they are the little girl’s parents. Again, they are looking directly into the camera. 


The screen goes black and the mood of the video changes dramatically. It cuts to a black and white photo of a road after a storm. A powerline has fallen down in the middle of the street and the road is wet so we know that it rained or there was a storm. The trees have leaves on them, so I assume that it is summer or spring because if it were winter the trees would probably be bare. 


We see another shot of a road. It is the remnants of a storm. The road is next to a body of water. There is a wall separating the road and the water, but it looks as though the wall was broken down from a storm and the water is flooding into the road. 


This is a really quick shot in black and white of a forest fire. It looks like the director started with a very fun, and lighthearted theme with the birthday party, and took a dark turn. Each of the shots of the natural disasters are in black and white. Maybe the director is trying to show how devastating natural disasters can be for families. 


Next, it cuts to a shot of a hand holding a phone. Their fingers are scrolling and we see on the screen that it says “Alertas de Emergencia”. Next to the phone, there is text on the screen that reads “Inscribite para recibir alertas locales” which means “sign up to receive local alerts”. It looks like they are trying to get people to sign up for an app or something that gives you updates and alerts for dangerous weather conditions. 


The next shot is panning over top of a table full of money, bandaids, medicines, water bottles, and all sorts of things you would need to have in storage for an emergency. Then, a text pops up that says “Prepara un kit de emergencia” which means to prepare an emergency kit.


Next. we see a close up of a person holding a clipboard. On the clipboard it says “listo” and “suministros de emergencias” which means supplies for emergencies or emergency supplies. It is a checklist. They are showing these clips to encourage people to be prepared for a natural disaster and ways that you can prepare. 


The last clip is of the family standing over a table with all the emergency supplies, it looks like they are preparing for a storm. There is the little girl who’s birthday party was shown, a little boy who must be the brother, a grandma and grandpa, and in the center again is the man and woman, looking into the camera. I think that they show clips of the birthday party, to show how precious and important family is. This is why they want people to prepare for emergencies, so that they can protect themselves and their families.

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