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As everyone is single-mindedly searching for happiness in their life, they are oblivious to the downsides of their actions. The value of happiness is deemed very high in today’s society, which is evident by the increasing search for guidance through motivational speakers, life coaches, and self-help books. Everyone has a different interpretation of happiness and what can bring them this positive feeling. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to chase or long for a false sense of happiness, that is influenced by what others deem as proper success, such as materialism or greed. Happiness is important, but not at the expense of what truly matters.

By creating a focus around identifying the fulfilling purpose in life, people would be increasing their overall well-being. Purpose is crucial as it is a prevalent theme of a person’s identity, and it provides a basis for behavior patterns in everyday life. A purpose motivates a person to dedicate their resources in certain directions and toward specific goals, which creates a sense of determination that fuels a person to continue forward. A purpose also creates a foundation that allows a person to be more resilient to obstacles, stress, and strain. Following the path and direction of a purpose can lead to life satisfaction.

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