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fast enough to turn a life-changing event into a minor cut.”A quantitative and comparative claim that compares the other products result to an incident versus the SawStop. In addition, this claim may be factual pending certain facts. This is a good way to make the reader feel like the SawStop is the way to go considering no one wants a life-changing saw injury.


If the technology were not under patent, we’d be more apt to encourage manufacturers to push this technology forward—as an OPTION.” The consumers use a recommendation claim to get the other consumers to enforce their opinion.

Industry Spokespeople:

Your entry-level table saws would all but disappear.” The opinion of the industry spokespeople is that the the SawStop will eliminate cost friendly saws, an evaluative claim. The quote expresses some concern while making a prediction on the future market.

Consumer Safety Advocates:

NCL’s letter noted that there is technology currently available from a company called SawStop that provides nearly complete protection from injuries from table saws.” This quote is a definition claim that suggest and explains what the SawStop is. The quote does a good job of introducing the claim and giving room to explain it more.

Injured Plaintiffs:

If this safety mechanism had been included in the table saw, Osorio’s injuries would have been limited to a 1/8-inch cut on only one finger,“. The quote is an evaluative claim that is arguable with considering circumstances. However, the quote is assertive and convincing enough to believe.

Personal Injury Lawyers:

If someone touches the blade, this electrical signal drops, because the human body is a good conductor.” This definition claim explains how the SawStop works, legally laying a base for an particular case. A detailed enough claim to get the reader to understand the authors idea.

Government Officials:

Based on the injury data obtained in the 2007 and 2008 CPSC special study, our staff’s
injury cost model projected that consumers suffered approximately 67,300 medically treated
blade contact injuries annually in 2007 and 2008
“. This claim states the annual saw table injuries treated. This is a factual claim with real statistics to support it. The author creates a forced opinion on the reader, very effective of a claim.

News Reporters:

“The blade has a sensor that detects electrical conductivity.” The narrator is explaining a component of the SawStop using a definition and factual claim. A straightforward statement that includes factual content.

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