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  1. Manufacturers: “It felt a little like a… buzz or a tickle almost.” The manufacturer is telling us what it felt like to put his finger up to the table saw that had the safer saw mechanisms. This is an evaluative claim because to someone else it may feel very different, and he could have been down playing it as well.
  1. Customer: “That sounded like a good kind of saw to me.” This customer is saying that they believe a saw that wouldn’t cut off your fingers is a good saw. This is a causal claim because the customer is predicting what kind of saw it would be by just reading an ad.
  1. Industry Spokespeople: “the saw stop module, which acts like a crumple zone in a car.” This is a spokesperson telling us that when the saw stops, the module that stops it acts like the front zone of a car that is supposed to take all the energy when it hits something. This is an analogy claim because it is directly comparing what the stop module does to the crumple zone of a car.
  1. Customer Safety Advocates: “one of the CPSC’s primary goals is a commitment to prevention.” This advocate is telling us that their goal is to prevent table saw injuries as much as possible. This is a causal claim because it is basically a prediction of what the  CPSC will commit to. We won’t know if they are actually completely committed to this prevention
  1. Injured Plaintiffs: “acting through PTI, has also actively lobbied the Consumer Product Safety Commission…to prevent the adoption of flesh detection systems as a safety standard on table saws.” The plaintiff is saying that the CPSC has prevented the adoption of the flesh detection on saws to be standard. This is most likely a factual claim, because it states what the CPSC is doing, but could be an evaluative claim because the plaintiff may not know exactly what is happening with the CPSC.
  1. Personal Injury Lawyers: “Every year, there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations.” The lawyers are providing information about table saws to show you that it is a very dangerous tool, causing many injuries. This is a numerical claim because of the use of big numbers that create stress among people, encouraging them to not buy the product or call them about having them as their lawyer.
  1. Government Officials: “The Commission voted unanimously (4-0) to approve publication of the draft notice in the Federal Register.” This is telling us that the commission approved the draft notice being put into the Federal Register about the extension of the comment period for an advanced notice of rulemaking on performance requirements for table saws. This is a causal claim because it is starting something that will occur at the conclusion of a meeting from the commission. 

News Reporters: “kickbacks are certainly more dangerous.” This reporter is telling us that kickbacks are more dangerous than cutting off your fingers from a table saw. This is an evaluative claim because it is the reporter’s own judgement, and could be argued against.

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