Safer Saws- friendoftacos

  1. Manufacturers “Within a few thousandths of a second, the blade slammed to a stop.” This is an evaluative claim. It judges the characteristics of the sawblade and judges how fast it can stop. The manufacturers evaluate the effectiveness of the item and how suitable it is for the situation of the sawblade stopping in time to not injure a person.
  2. News reporters -“kickbacks are certainly more dangerous.” This is a news reporter making a causal claim because the reporter is asserting a cause and effects. The reporter is explaining that the cause is more dangerous then stopping the saw from spinning. Claiming that the sudden stop of the saw is way mor dangerous
  3. Industry Spokespeople- “The saw can see the difference between a piece of wood and your finger.” This is a comparative claim that would serve the industry spokesperson. It compares the piece of wood to someone’s finger and shows that the sawblade can distinguish the differences. This claim attempts to compare two objects to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product they are speaking for.
  4. Consumer Safety Advocates- “Every year there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations.” This is a numerical claim. This claim helps the consumer safety advocates by using information to advocate for their point.
  5. Industry Spokespeople – The industry spokespeople describe the SawStop product “the various legal and patent issues surrounding the existence of a fairly new safety mechanism that promises (and in a large way follows through on) a system to provide unheard of safety with respect to the use of an electric saw.” This is an evaluative claim that discusses the SawStop product and judges the product based on the various legal and patent issues. The evaluative claim is arguing the quality of the product from the point of the industry spokespeople.
  6. Steve Gass – Steve Gass places his finger in the path of the saw blade to demonstrate the SawStop’s technology. As his finger becomes close enough for the sawblade to inflict pain onto Steve, the sawblade stops as soon as its feel’s Steve’s finger. After the blade stopped, Steve described the experience as a “buzz or a tickle” which is an analogy claim. This statement compares his experience with a dangerous saw as a gentle experience.
  7. Manufacturers – “The blade of the saw stops before it comes in contact with your skin.” Manufactures use this factual claim to prove the evidence behind their product. The manufacturer does not have any doubt in their product as demonstrated through this claim. The evidence in this claim is undisputable.
  8. News Reporters – “But as well as the technology works, the major tool companies have failed to put this kind of device on any of their table saws” This is an evaluative claim that judges the tool companies for not putting this kind of device on their table saws. It shows that tool companies have failed by not provided this technology that the reporter claims it works.
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