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  1. Manufacturers 

“There’s about 60,000 medically treated accidents on table saws every year, about 3,000 people take their fingers off, about 10 a day.” – Steve Gass is using a quantitative claim here. By revealing this information, he is effectively encouraging and persuading people to use sawstop in order to avoid injury. This claim is effective because that is an alarmingly high number. 

  1. News reporter 

“SawStop is currently available in the marketplace to any consumer who chooses to purchase it.” I think that this could be a definition claim because they are explaining that sawstop is available to anyone who wants to use it. In other words, they are leaving it up to the consumers, defining sawstop as an optional tool. 

  1. Industry Spokespeople 

“Table saws cause more injuries than any other woodworking tool.” This phrase is a causal claim, showing that table saws cause the most injuries. It could also be a factual claim, when you look up the most dangerous tool “table saw” comes up first. This factual information shows the dangers of using table saws, and persuades people to use sawstop. 

  1. Personal Injury Lawyers 

“If you or somebody you know was injured, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free case consultation.” This is a recommendation/proposal claim. The lawyer is using persuasive language by saying “should” in order to encourage people to reach out. 

  1. Injured Plaintiffs 

“The scary thing about table saws is that they are so much faster than human reflexes.” This is a quote from Rex Krueger, who made a youtube video describing his experience with a table saw injury and promotes sawstop. This is a comparative claim, he is comparing the table saw to human reflexes. By saying this, he is alarming and warning people that with table saws, you can injure yourself so easily by accident because it happens so quickly.  

  1. Consumer Safety Advocate 

“The unanimity of this vote powerfully reaffirms the Commission’s original attempt” This quote comes from Chairman Inez M. Tenenbuam, addressing the table saw blade injury problem. I think this is an evaluative claim because it involves judgement of the situation. By using words such as “unamity” and “powerfully”, we are able to understand how important it is to give attention to this issue.  

    7. Government Officials 

“The Commission voted unanimously” This quote is from a government official, and explains the commissioners voting on the laws regarding table saw blade injuries. I’d say that this is a quantitative claim because they use the word unanimously, meaning that everyone involved in the decision was in agreement, showing its importance. 

     8. News Reporters 

“I found out that table saws cause thousands of these really horrible injuries every year.” This quote is from Chris Arnold, a news reporter who showed interest in sawstop. He writes about how dangerous table saws are and how sawstops are a great way to protect users. This is a causal claim because he is telling the reader that table saws are the cause of thousands of horrible injuries.

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1 Response to safer saws – chickennuget444

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is fine work overall, Nugget. You identify the claim types correctly and offer reasonable observations about their purpose. The weakest, which you’re invited to improve, would be the “definition” claim by the News reporter and the “Quantitative” claim by the Government Official.

    The News reporter’s claim may well be definitional, but you don’t exactly identify what’s being defined.
    The Government Official certainly does make a quantitative claim with the word unanimous, but such a loaded word could never be merely numerical.


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