Visual- Frogs02

0:01-0:04: The ad starts off with 4 people walking out of a house. The parents of the children look like they are in shock when first walking out of the door. However, there is nothing shocking the parents could be staring at. The outside just looks like a normal day. The sun is out, it is a cool day. The clothes indicate it is cool now but will get colder later that is why they are holding jackets. They are in a rush as everything is all over the place and nothing is organized. The father is carrying more three things. The mom is carrying a few things and a child. They are holding toys, stuffed animals, jackets and both ave a cup of coffee in their hands indicating that they are exhausted. The mom is holding an apple juice or orange juice in her hand, for one of the kids. Their is a bricked house behind them. This most likely is their house because all of the toys and stuffed animals are being walked out with. The other child is walking on the ground. The dad has a stroller. The video is being zoomed out however the first glimpse was clear enough to see what each person is carrying. The parents faces look startled but as the video zooms out and goes in slow motion, the parents turn their head from the left to the right. The mom looks very happy as she turns her head and the dad looks exhausted but ready to take the kids wherever they are going to. He looks like he needs a break from the kids. The dad has food in his hand, so he is eating on the go. This can indicate that he was getting the kids ready while the mom got her time to eat breakfast. 

0:05-0:11: The older child of the two starts yanking on the toys on the dads bag that is wrapped over his shoulder. The dad drops everything as the child keeps pulling on the tethered toy hanging off the bag. The child keeps pulling on the bag and the dad is struggling to keep everything on him. He is struggling to not drop anything. While the dad is struggling, holding his food, watching out for the kid, and carrying everything, the mom now also starts to struggle with everything she is holding. She tries to help the dad with everything falling and now the kid she has is falling. She is now having a difficult time trying to save the stuff from the dad falling and the kid falling off of her. 

0:12-13: As everything is still falling everywhere, the dad is trying to eat what looks like a bagel now. The dad and mom are both very unbalanced as they are struggling to balance 3 bags each and two kids. The child finally lets go of the toys dangling from the bad. The kids are now fine and the one walking stopped bothering the dad. So now one is still walking and the other one is still being balanced on the hip by the mom. 

0:13-:15: Now we are getting a close up on the dads bottom half of his body. We see the back of his legs and how they are extremely wobbly meaning he is probably still struggling to get all the bags, toys, and the stroller to stay in place. The dads body and legs are bent over because he dropped a stuffed animal. The mom and kids are at the car now and the dad is still walking a little bit behind because he had to pick up the stuffed animal he dropped on the ground. 

0:15:0:18 They all finally arrived at the car now. The mom places her coffee on the top of the car to get another hand to help load the kids and other stuff such as the bags, toys, and stuffed animals into the car. 

0:19-:21: The dad just buckled the kid that was pulling on the toys hanging from the bag into the car. The kid is smiling. The dad looks relieved that the kids are into the car and it is finally time to settle everything else into the car and get to their final destination.

0:22-:23 The kid that was just buckled in spills her food everywhere. The dad is very frustrated. We then zoom over to the other side of the car where the mom is buckling the other kid into the car seat. One child is buckled facing the front of the car and the other is facing the back of the car. 

0:24- The video ends off with a close up of the mom with either her engagement or wedding ring on, buckling the kid into the car seat. All the kids are safe in their seats and the parents are now ready to hit the road as everything is loaded into the car and the kids are safe.

Link : Child Car Safety | I Come Correct :30 – YouTube

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    If you want to rise to the top of the Feedback Please queue, Frogs, drop me a specific Reply here describing the sort of feedback that would help you the most. Is it your Argument, your Sources, your Research technique, your Logic, your Rhetoric, your Organization, your Grammar, or something else that you’d prefer to have help with?


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