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Work In Progress Hypothesis

  • I believe that women’s lacrosse is arduous as a result of the strict regulations put in place in order to protect the female athletes from long term injuries like their male counterparts.
  • Lacrosse is an aggressive sport both physically and psychology, when it comes to women’s lacrosse
  • Any women athlete not satisfied with psychologically devastating her opponent on the battlefield can join a Roller Derby club. 
  • Blood Lust vs Psychological Warfare

Paragraphs Topis Ideas

  1.  Show the difference between girls and boys,through rules and clarify why the difference shows that girls have to use more skill work than boys
    1. Use rule books to compare the major differences
      1. Also explain how boys could be better due to today’s sports standards favoring those that are more contact inclusive (Do this first)
  2. Lead into how the increase of skill allows for plays and games that finish with less injuries to the players than boys
    1. Compare injuries between boys and girls
  3. unknown


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Claydon, J. (Ed.). (2021). Origin of Men’s Lacrosse. World Lacrosse. https://worldlacrosse.sport/about-world-lacrosse/origin-history/

Mental Statues While Writing

Starting the writing process is always difficult for me, especially when I don’t fully know what exactly I am going to discuss in the paper. Of course you have to do research and find the sources that will go into the paper, and sometimes the search allows us to find a new take on the topic we are discussing. This process of finding sources as one of the first steps, although helpful, is very frustrating to me. I think very differently than others, I need to have a good idea of what exactly I’m writing about. I need to keep reminding myself about what I’m writing. I need to see a list of the points I will talk about in order to stay focused on writing. Even though we are practicing all the parts of our paper before we will actually write the real deal, I still don’t understand the concept or purpose of the arguments we need to write about. I just can’t write this way.

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