Section 12

By this point, you might be wondering, and possibly feeling guilty about wondering, why Brannan doesn’t just get divorced.

—This quote could either be categorized as an Ethical or Moral claim or a Recommendation or Proposal Claim. It could be seen as an Ethical or Moral claim because of the quote, “possibly feeling guilty.” It could also be a Recommendation or Proposal Claim because of the question proposed in the following quote, “why Brannan doesn’t just get divorced.”

In the wake of Vietnam, 38 percent of marriages failed within the first six months of a veteran’s return stateside; the divorce rate was twice as high for vets with PTSD as for those without. Vietnam vets with severe PTSD are 69 percent more likely to have their marriages fail than other vets. Army records also show that 65 percent of active-duty suicides, which now outpace combat deaths, are precipitated by broken relationships. And veterans, well, one of them dies by suicide every 80 minutes. But even ignoring that though vets make up 7 percent of the United States, they account for 20 percent of its suicides —or that children and teenagers of a parent who’s committed suicide are three times more likely to kill themselves.

—This entire quote is a Factual Claim because of the statistics used to illustrate how destructive PTSD victims can be to themselves as well as their families. None of this information can be disputed because these statistics were pulled from authentic conduction studies. 

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