My Hypothesis-RowanAnnouncer

  1. aliens.
  2. aliens in America.
  3. alien sightings in America.
  4. aliens and the United States Government. 
  5. Pentagon declassifying credible documents of all sightings, research, and contact with aliens.
  6. The mysterious declassification of the Pentagon’s alien documents has everyone wondering whats inside, and how it’ll undoubtedly impact the world we live in.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis-RowanAnnouncer

  1. RowanAnnouncer says:

    This is definitely more along the lines of what I was thinking for my first draft. I’m definitely looking forward to a bit of feedback on whether or not I should continue with this hypothesis.


    • davidbdale says:

      It’s much more intelligible than the first draft, RA, and certainly a good excuse to launch a round of speculation.

      It appears that your Hypothesis, though, is just a question about something we can’t yet know. Everyone wonders what the documents will reveal. You’re wondering what the documents will reveal. What’s the paper? Speculation on what the documents will reveal?

      There are sure to be plenty of pundits and theorists ready to engage in inventive guesswork, but gathering their opinions won’t qualify as research, per se. Is there a history of earlier document releases that might offer hints? Have there been recent sightings or phenomena that might have triggered a more open attitude in government to make previously secret documents public?

      What’s your angle? It has to be something more specific than “We’re all curious.” I look forward to seeing what’s next. Please revise your Hypothesis or start a White Paper to collect and organize the first sources you find to develop your point of view.


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