My Hypothesis – Kilotoon

  1. Weightlifting should be more popular in young children
  2. Lifting should be introduced to kids at a young age
  3. The benefits associated with lifting at an early age
  4. Lifting weights in a safe manner at a early age has way more benefits than other sports.
  5. More schools should introduce weightlifting as a sport instead of other popular sports. as it is more beneficial to growing children and teenagers when done in a safe manner.
  6. Educating and training young children and teenagers on the sport of powerlifting as part of the curriculum would greatly benefit the health and lifestyle of the students.

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1 Response to My Hypothesis – Kilotoon

  1. davidbdale says:

    You didn’t ask for feedback on this post, Kilo, so that will wait until our conference, I suppose. It’s an intriguing topic that no one has ever proposed to me before, so I appreciate that aspect. I’m not sure I understand why it needs to be part of an educational curriculum, so I’ll expect you to explain that to me. Are other popular youth sports/activities such as the many forms of martial arts “part of the curriculum”? Or do kids mostly engage in them as extra-curricular activities? In many of those disciplines, there are social/cultural aspects to the training that would seem to lend themselves to an educational approach. What about powerlifting? Is it practiced as part of a spiritual discipline anywhere? I’m asking not to be a pest but to get you thinking critically about your own hypothesis and to help you anticipate possible refutations. We’ll talk at your Conference. Be ready! 🙂


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