My Hypothesis-RowanAnnouncer

  1. Are aliens real?
  1. Alien sightings in america.
  1. Could Alien sightings in America be hoaxes? 
  1. If Aliens aren’t real, what could people possibly be seeing?
  1. The government is releasing “credible” alien documents to keep the masses occupied.
  1. The intense fascination people share for aliens is the only positive outcome to a rather unpleasant result for humanity if Aliens are in fact real.  

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4 Responses to My Hypothesis-RowanAnnouncer

  1. davidbdale says:

    This should be interesting, RA. I hope you’ll take the job seriously and do some credible research into an obviously fascinating topic. A few things to note. First, the technical matters:
    1. You neglected to categorize this post EXCEPT in the Feedback Please category.
    2. So, I have edited the post to place it in Rowan Announcer and My Hypothesis.
    3. When I finish leaving feedback, I’ll REMOVE the post from the Feedback Please category.
    4. Watch out for your punctuation/capitalization. You’ve capitalized Aliens sporadically and even America.

    Now for content:
    This list doesn’t exactly follow a pattern of greater specificity at each step. It does explore some possibilities and then land on a hypothesis that doesn’t grow organically from the preliminaries. That’s OK, I guess, but we won’t need the early steps much. You appear to have abandoned the theory that reports of aliens might be hoaxes or government disinformation. So what are we left with? Step 6:
    The intense fascination people share for aliens is the only positive outcome to a rather unpleasant result for humanity if Aliens are in fact real.
    —This is complex.
    —It contains many premises.
    ——Aliens are real
    ——The result of the existence of aliens will be unpleasant for humanity
    ——Our fascination for aliens is the only positive aspect of the existence of aliens
    (I’m not sure I understand the unpleasant/pleasant part, but there’s no point hypothesizing that aliens DON’T exist. A hypothesis has to choose a side.)

    If I understand anything, it’s that aliens can’t possibly be good news. Our fascination with them in the meantime seems pretty irrelevant, so your hypothesis appears to be that aliens have traveled through space to earth with bad intent.

    It’s hard to see how you could research to prove or disprove that hypothesis. The biggest challenge will be explaining why they haven’t done anything yet if they’ve been so nearby for decades.

    Or maybe I’ve missed the point. Your turn. Keep this conversation going AND revise your post when you’re ready. Thanks!


  2. RowanAnnouncer says:

    1. mental health.
    2. mental health under 20.
    3. mental health increasing every year.
    4. mental health and its ties to social media.
    5. the worldwide effects of social media towards children, teens, and young adults.
    6. social media is plaguing the world by destroying the mental health of children, teens, and young adults.


    • davidbdale says:

      I hope I didn’t dissuade you from the alien topic, RA. I was looking forward to it. I’ve already read too many essays about the corrupting effect of social media on teenage minds. You’ll have to find a very narrow focus for your hypothesis. Your step 6 is a reasonable step 2. Start consulting credible academic sources immediately and hope to be surprised. The popular media have already ruined the broad stroke conclusions for this one.

      If you do decide to edit your Hypothesis, the place to do it is in the original post, not in comments. I’ll lose track of your progress if it’s buried in a Reply. Just open the post in Edit, make your revisions, and Update. (WordPress will save all your drafts; you don’t have to worry about losing them.)


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