1. A Meditation on Elderly Animals

It seems counterintuitive to think that photography of animals at the end of their life could actually be therapeutic or viewed as a form of mediation.  Isa Leshko took what started as a fascination for an eldery horse into the groundwork for her photography journey.  Leshko talks about a time in her life when loved ones were sick and nearing the end.  She wanted to run away from these hardships, but after some reflection made a very peculiar discovery of the photography of elderly animals.  The pain, suffering and tiredness of these animals actually provided a very tranquil and calming experience for both Leshko and the owners of the animals.  Although some scenes she shot led her to tears, she claims that she felt a sense of peace and it was an honor to shoot such an organic part of nature.  An overall idea of mortality and its temporary hold on us, just in the same way that it has on the animals.  Instead of the rough condition that the animals being portrayed, there was a sense of peace and rest that came over the images.  Many animal owners were compassionate towards these images especially after they passed.  

  1. Do Multivitamins Really Work?

It seems counterintuitive that a product meant to improve overall health in your body could be useless or even harmful.  Recent studies show that the over 700 billion dollar industry could prove to have little to no effect on those who regularly take them.  What does this mean?  If these studies hold water, we could be looking at a humongous industry that is essentially selling products that pass right through your body.  Many times vitamins are a suggestion for those who are not able to get certain vitamins from eating, but it has shown that those who actually eat their vitamins in vegetables such as kale, will get more than adequate results in comparison to an avid multivitamin taker.  These vitamins have not shown any defense for our body against disease and overall have not proven any benefits whatsoever.  In fact, the complete opposite has occurred in some cases where someone has a build up of folic acid due to excessive vitamin use. This leaves us with the question of “are these really worth it to buy?”.  

  1. Anne Frank Novelist

It seems counterintuitive that a piece of literary history that we admire as something so raw and organic, was actually looked over and edited after the fact.  Two years after writing this historical text, Frank went back and revised her previous entries.  Her experiences from the hollacaust altered from a much more mature and removed viewpoint.  This is a little troubling as the piece is admired as a live account of one’s thoughts and actions during an infamous time in history.  Does information of the revisions tarnish or at least muck up the water of the instinctual thoughts that were put on paper?  While this doesn’t diminish the significance of this document, it raises more questions about a work that has already been debated by many.  Nevertheless, this piece has and will continue to stand the test of time as wisdom by a girl of such a young age in a time of uncertainty and terror.a

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