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  1. Free Heroin to Battle Addiction

It seems counterintuitive that drug addicts would receive their drugs to assist them in ‘rehabilitation’. However, that is exactly what the city of Vancouver has decided to do. Addiction is a vicious battle that those affected will go through many means to attain what they believe they need.

With the most extreme addiction cases, officials in Vancouver have made the ultimate decision that giving these addicts their drugs is the best case scenario for the public. This rehab center is a safe-zone known as ‘Insite’. Although, in effect, they are killing these addicts slowly, they are not risking the public’s lives. There would be no struggle for these addicts in attaining their drugs, directly lowering the chances of crime and selling their bodies for the drugs.

Those in the ‘Insite’ do not have to fret constantly about how they will receive their next dose. With the knowledge of where they will get their next high, they can maintain a standard life in addition to a job without much objection. The city of Vancouver seems to be protecting their streets by giving these addicts their wishes as sacrifice. Although in the end, this is not assistance, rather a prolonged death sentence.

2. Fabienne Cherisma – Is This Photo Ethical?

It seems counterintuitive that a picture of a dead woman would result in an argument of ethics. The photo describes an awful, heart-wrenching situation in the country of Haiti. Where a very young woman is photographed dead on the concrete.

Haiti, at the time of the photograph, was hit with devastating earthquakes that resulted in billions of restitution. During the aftermath of these earthquakes, some of the survivors took advantage of the destroyed shops in efforts to gain material worth. Fabienne Cherisma was one of the few who were killed by the police during this phenomenon.

Many people who have graced passed the said photo, have came to a few conclusions. Some berating the photographer who decided to take a picture rather than help the poor girl. However, is this a fair argument? Although the state of affairs are revolting, the photographer did his job to the fullest extent. He took the photograph in efforts to spread information on the event in Haiti. Another question arises in counter to these complaints by the public. What could he have truly done?

3. Counterintuitive Life Lessons

It seems counterintuitive that some of the world’s most recognized lessons are in fact misguided. Some of these cliches have been faulty since they were concepted. Such as the saying “Smile, even if you’re not happy”. This saying is typically used in attempt to cheer someone up. Although it seems that no one would like to fake how they are feeling, the action of smiling releases serotonin and dopamine which inflicts happiness (Spector).

Another one of these counterintuitive lessons is that the fear of failure is actually holding one back. Those who are fearless are capable of much more than those who try to prevent it. The quality of being fearless will bring on endless opportunities, resulting in failures and successes. Both of these circumstances being more plentiful than those who live in constant fear of failure.

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