Summaries- calamariii

It seems counterintuitive that national parks have to rely on corporate assistance to be able to continue functioning. While corporate funds can help these parks to be able to maintain trail conditions and promote the park, the influence that comes from this corporate help can led decisions of the park that may be different to what they may have originally done. Often the money from these partners may be lower than expected, especially when compared to that of fundraising, and makes it seem that that influence that the corporations receive from their donations may not be worth it. It is fortunate that there are strict standards that corporations have to follow that ensure that their influence won’t overtake the goal of what the parks intend to keep.

It seems counterintuitive that by giving people a legal, nurse supervised place to inject free drugs, one would be able to combat the dangerous use of drugs. As seen with these injection sites in Vancouver, the harm that drug dealers often do to themselves can be avoided by giving them access to clean needles, antiseptic wipes, and clean heroin. The goal of this operation is to give addicts who cannot take alternatives a way to be the least dangerous to themselves and to the people around them. While the program has critics that oppose the methods, as seen with some anecdotes from the program some users were able to hold down jobs that they would have never been able to before the safe injection site programs.

It seems counterintuitive to knowingly mislabel food to what it is in reality, but in order to increase sales labeling conditions as ‘humane’ when that may not be true is often common. Organizations like the Humane Society look to stop false labeling of food as often giving those who label themselves as humane control of labeling leads to intentionally misleading consumers. The most efficient way to control these labels are through 3rd party organizations who’s goal is not to sell the food but to keep the labeling accurate and ensure the consumers are buying accurately labeled food.

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