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Fear is dreadfully healthy. View it as a a sort of bitter tasting medicine that could lead to a well balanced human mind. However, too much fear can cause trauma or stress on an individual. If someone suffers from mental or emotional conditions which require that stress is to be avoided, consuming fear as part of their diet may be rather difficult, if not an impossibility.

However, Fear is not only something that can be experienced in harmful situations or horror movies. Every day life is enough to inspire fear in an individual. The fear of a boss. The fear of rejection. The fear of change. All of these things and more are examples of fear that may but smaller, or larger depending on the individual, but these are examples of fear that should still be dealt with regardless in order to ensure a better quality of life.

If someone is prescribed to avoid stress; that person is being sentenced to avoid what life offers. It is good to experience fear regularly so that individuals know how to handle it when the time comes. Consuming fear through horror is something that can, among other amazing things (such as raising ones immune system), act as, a sort of, mental exercise and can lead to a better healthier state of mind. Perhaps the horror medium is some sort of gateway to be used by people who can’t handle the stress of life; to start building up to it by handling fictional challenges. Maybe its exactly what they need.

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Six health benefits of watching horror movies

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