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It is true that fear can lead to a lot of mental and then physical adverse conditions, but that is only after experiencing too much of it too consistently over too long of a period of time. Experiencing fear, or more preferably horror or thrill (safe fear) actually is very healthy. One could argue “but how can it be healthy if too much of it can be so harmful?” and simply, the response to that is, there is nothing that can’t be over-consumed, no matter how good it is. Hell, even drinking too much water will kill someone…

Fear has a lot of immediate benefits such as pleasure, euphoria, entertainment and relief, but when one feels afraid, that can have a lot of long term health benefits that could make for  a better life. Fear first of all, is what keeps us alive, without understanding fear, without being familiar with it and having our senses honed, nothing would hold us back from crossing a busy intersection, or telling our boss to go fuck himself.

Another healthy byproduct is confidence. Confidence is essential for achieving marvelous things, so how is it built? Through fear.

Take a single person who is out on the town and happens to stumble upon a crush in an unfamiliar bar. Instantly the individual will become fearful of many things, being seen by the person, how to behave, and its all amplified by the unfamiliarity of the environment. People who are in the delusion that fear should be suppressed, avoided and not exercised will sit in their seat and try their best to ignore it or they would even go so far as to leave; but others instead who understand and embrace fear will (regardless of their sex/gender) pick up their balls and go make a move. So this person in this bar is one who takes the risk, and pulls it off and conquers the fear. No longer is this individual a victim to the fear , and hell, it could also have been that the move was made out of the fear of the crush getting away, and that the fear of having a regret was the catalyst. Either way, the point is that fear is what fueled the decision to make the move and because this person took a risk, and succeeded, a more confident person was born.

Without fear there are no risks. When we face the fear and take risks we live and we learn how to better equip ourselves for life’s challenges. A confident person is someone who has taken risks and either failed or succeeded but now have the tools to take on whatever lies ahead because of it. So take some risks and grow, and remember to thank, Fear.

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Why fear is good for you

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