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Practice Opening:

Walk into any teen store today and you will be hard pressed to find a pair of shorts that are of a decent length to abide school dress codes. Turn on any teenaged show on television and you will see teenagers are being portrayed as sexual beings. In most teenage bedrooms, the music that they are listening to is filled with profanity and sexual lyrics. It would seem that parents are not doing enough to protect their teens by being sexualized by the media, entertainment industry, and retail clothing chains. To figure out how the perception of the modern teen shifted from one of childhood innocence to that of a fawn-eyed sexual being would require looking at the origin of when the shift first occurred. Also researching possible solutions may be useful in uncovering the point where things started to change,

Practice Opening:

Teen girls in the United States are over sexualized by the Television, music industry, and by the media. at the same time they are undervalued and their lack of worth as compared to boys their age are constantly being reinforced to them. in the music they listen to and the perception of them they buy into which is exploited by advertisers. somewhere along the line teenaged gild have been told that their identity is based in theyre looks and the shape of their body. boys however rely on athletic ability and the ability to make others laugh to be considered successful. even parents can fall into the trap of valuing daughters for their beauty and their sons for what they can accomplish. despite thee ruthless efforts of advertisers the media and other outlets who conspire to trick girls into buying into what they offering the only firm solution to this criss in american young women is for the parents to reinforce that the girls are worth more than their appearances and to shield their teenage girls by all the sexual things they’re bombarded with. parents need to spend more time evaluating these things that their daughters are exposed to.

Content Description:

▪which companies benefit most from over sexualized teen clothing

▪over sexualization of teen girls in the media

▪teen tv shows- over the top with sex

▪consequences to young girls

▪girls who continue to dress modestly

▪role of parents

working hypothesis:

parent involvement is the solution of the problem of over sexualizing teenaged girls in america.

middle school girls that are over sexualized by the media, big clothing companies, and the music industry lose not only innocence but self esteem which results in decreased ability to reach their goals.

Topics for smaller papers:

  • why kids dressing sexy is profitable to companies
  • why parents give in to buying their children clothes that they do not want them to wear
  • how slut shaming starts with the clothes you wear

Current state of research paper:

I am starting to get the hang of this, and starting to develop my ideas and think more outside the box. I think i need to break down my ideas more and pick a specific direction with where I am going. I also need to catch up on assignments missed to further develop my paper using different techniques.

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