Rebuttal Exercise – gemfhi

Last Chance for Animals

Antagonistic 2 – Limiting the use of video and audio recording is unconstitutional.

This Article, while vague in its exact focus, seems to be trying to demonstrate how Ag-Gag is a violation of the first amendment. It cites and quotes the first amendment and the first amendment seems to address the application of religion, speech, and press. This article however addresses such devices as video and audio recordings, and how limiting their use is unconstitutional. I am going to need it explained to me how exactly limiting the use of film and audio equipment is unconstitutional for the constitution doesn’t address their use, it only addresses freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is only freedom of the printed word, not digital audio and video recordings. When it comes to unauthorized video and audio recordings it is perfectly constitutional for the party being recorded to refuse to have their image used in ways they do not approve of.

Judge Strikes Down Ag-Gag Law

Antagonistic 3 –

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