rebuttal argument-hiralp365

2) Antagonist to Gag law:

Insert the best quote that demonstrates the authors’ failure to supply sufficient evidence.

Ronnie and Katherine provide good points throughout the article on why Ag law should be put to the stop. However the authors fail to provide any strong evidence of why it should be put the end.The author is only talking through animals point of view.

Insufficient Evidence Refutation:  They don’t think outside the box. Most of the states probably are using safer ways in slaughtering in animals which is why they don’t need Ag Law stopped.  The author mentions that Ag Law causes threat to public health and environment, but she doesn’t provide any evidence or examples related to it. The author hadn’t provided any proof of Ag Law causing threat to animals, public health or environment with their negative comments. Furthermore Ag law doesn’t have to be put to stop, just the way of killing method can be changed. The workers have right to keep their working ethics in privacy, after all it’s free country. Most of the population survive on meat, so slaughtering will continue but in safe ethical way.

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