Agenda FRI NOV 06

E11: Rebuttal Exercise

Resource from WED NOV 04. Rebuttal Types

Antagonistic to Ag-Gag Laws

  1. Shocking: Reporting Abuse Will Become “Terrorism”
  2. Last Chance for Animals: What is Ag-Gag?
  3. Judge Strikes Down Ag-Gag Law

Supportive of Ag-Gag Laws

  1. Animal and Ecological Terrorism in America
  2. Dairymen Speak Out Against Animal Activists
  3. Beef Daily: Do You Support Ag-Gag Laws?

The Exercise

  • Select two of the Antagonistic articles and two of the Supportive articles.
  • Read deep enough into the articles above to find a specific and refutable claim in each.
  • Copy and paste the claims into a new post of your own.
  • Refute those claims.
  • Record your work in a new post using the E11: Rebuttal Exercise category and your Username category.

About davidbdale

Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.
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