Informal Causal Argument – gemfhi

It is true that fear can lead to a lot of mental and then physical adverse conditions, but that is only after experiencing too much of it too consistently over too long of a period of time. Experiencing fear, or more preferably horror or thrill (safe fear) actually is very good for you. One could argue “but how can it be good for you if too much can hurt you?” and simply, I request upon whoever reads this, try to think of a single thing where it is impossible to have “too much” of it. Hell, even drinking too much water will kill you…

Fear has a lot of immediate benefits such as pleasure, euphoria, entertainment and relief but when you feel afraid that can have a lot of long term health benefits that could make for  a better life. Fear first of all, is what keeps you alive, without understanding fear, without being familiar with it and having your senses honed, nothing would hold you back from crossing a busy intersection, or telling your boss to go fuck himself.

Another example, among many, is fear is what is needed to build confidence. Lemme ask you (yeah you) how do you build confidence? You are out on the town and you see that person from work or class you find attractive at a bar. You are afraid they will see you, you are afraid you wont know what to say or how to act or how to approach them, and you are in unfamiliar territory on top of it. People who are in the delusion that fear should be suppressed and avoid and not exercised will sit in their seat and try their best to ignore it or they would even go so far as to leave; but hopefully, not you. Instead you (regardless of your sex/gender) pick up your balls and go make a move, you take the risk. When you pull it off (because why wouldn’t you you are beautiful and charming and… whatever else you have going for you) you conquered the fear and are no longer a victim to it, and hell, it could also have been you made the move out of the fear of them getting away without you trying and then you knew you would regret it later. That fear fueled you to make your move and because you took a risk, and succeeded, you are now a more confident person. This example went on too long. Point is, because of fear, you take risks, you live and you learn how to better equip yourself for life’s challenges. A confident person is someone who has taken risks and either failed or succeeded but know that they have the tools to take on whatever lies ahead because of it. So get off your ass and get out there an take some risks, and remember to thank, Fear.

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Why fear is good for you

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  1. davidbdale says:

    OK, you’ve done that, gemfhi. Now see if you can drop the 2nd person address and make this sound like a research paper instead of a motivational pitch. There’s room in the world for both, but only one will do you any good in this course. Thanks for the ride. 😉


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