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Idolatry has become a major pillar in our society. Humans revolve their whole lives around the idea of idolatry, because in today’s world no one wants to be themselves, everyone is too busy trying to be someone else. To define idolatry is no the case because there is so much to discuss, it cannot be clearly defined. More likely it has to be explained.

When thinking of Idolatry, what do you think of? Religion right? When it comes to religion there are many. Many Godly figures are being idolized. Even other religions could have a different god they worship but you read into detail and both are the same person. For example Horus, Egyptian God of the sun and war was born from a virgins womb, baptized in a river by Anup the baptizer, tempted in the dessert, healed the sick, and blind, cast out demons, and could walk on water. Sound familiar, yes Jesus Christ. Jesus was born from a virgins womb, baptized by John the Baptist, tempted in the dessert by sin, and healed the sick and blind, cast out demons and walked on water. So whom are we idolizing really, when it comes to religion; Jesus Christ or Horus?

Lately in the past 200-150 years or so humans have began to take idolatry to another level. This form of idolatry is when a lower chain on the human scale appreciates and is in love with the idea of being or becoming like a human on the higher chain. In reference, we can talk about Beyonce and her Beyhive. Beyonce Knowles is a fabulous, multi billionaire hip hop and r&b artist, and business women she is idolized by many and some could say worshiped. The people that idolize her tend to be called what Beyonce calls her Beyhive. So her fans are categorized into a group, kind of like a religion, people are worshiping her like they worship gods in the many religions we have today. Seeing that a single human can fabricate a form of idolatry for herself and have people worship her like they do Jesus and Horus, who are we to try and define Idolatry?, it really cannot be defined clearly.

As you’ve read Idolatry cannot be defined at all. We as human beings seek and seek to find answers to the unknown, when the unknown doesn’t want to be known. Idolatry comes in many forms and is very broad and has been around for eons. The term of Idolatry will never be defined or come to a conclusion where it can be clearly defined because it is a term that is ever growing and not shrinking. Who knew one word, could control a species.

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3 Responses to A07: Definition Argument – bj112295

  1. bj112295 says:

    feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    OK, bj112295, thank you for your patience.

    P1. I notice you like to start your essays with claims of the “Blank has become an important Blank in our society.” I want to warn you that readers are not attracted to such claims. They want you to SAY SOMETHING about Blank, which they already believe is important or they wouldn’t be reading you in the first place. You have a one-sentence time limit to say that important thing. Don’t waste it.

    These appeals to “our society” and “today’s world” are understandable, but not compelling. You come closer to engaging reader attention when you get to the next level of argument here, bj, but substitute WE for Everyone and you’ll begin to build a bridge to your readers.

    Your new first sentence, if you agree with my notes so far:

    We’re all too busy being someone else to be our own true selves.

    We could learn to love ourselves (and be much happier for it). Instead, we’re lost in idolatry. For centuries, that meant reverence for gods; now we make idols out of mere humans and bestow godlike characteristics on them.

    P2. The proof that we have always needed to believe in the existence of superior forms of existence can be found in the similarities of gods through the ages. Every culture, it seems, has a version of a familiar supreme being. For example: Horus ABC, then Jesus ABC. If we ever manage to evolve beyond theology, we’ll need to stop telling ourselves these stories as if they were true.

    P3. Don’t give up so easily, bj. There’s nothing hard about defining idolatry here. People idolize other people by ignoring (or excusing) all faults and human failings, seeing only the positive and powerful aspects of the adored person’s being. Religions have offered us portrayals of beings that were actually perfect because humans are comforted by the idea that perfection can be achieved, has been achieved. Today, the Beyhive tell themselves the same story, that perfection has been achieved. They believe they can participate in perfection by emulating the perfect person. Does that sound reasonable to you?

    P4. You and I disagree about this. I don’t think you’ve persuaded readers to agree with the conclusions you draw here. Do you?

    NOTE: You’ve completely changed your research topic since writing this essay, bj, so you have two choices. You can post a revised version of this essay (which won’t be very helpful in completing your Research Position Paper), or you can write a definition essay that helps you make an important argument about your new research thesis. To me, the second choice sounds like a better use of your time.

    Was this helpful?


  3. bj112295 says:

    I did not change my research topic i just thought the definition argument did not have to be about our topic i will write a completely new one i apologize this was helpful.


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