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Drug rehabilitation is commonly seen as a process to relieve an individual of a particular drug they were addicted to. Challenging this societal norm is unheard of in society today, as it is simply widely accepted by all. Rehabilitation programs almost always seek to rid the drug from the addicts’ bodies as well as their cravings for it.  No attention is given to the idea that other tactics could possibly be employed, let alone the efforts to start them.

Some points of view, such as those held by websites offering rehab programs, suggest that drug rehab facilities simply, “help drug addicts prepare to re-enter society.” (Rehabs) Not only does this idea challenge the structured, accepted interpretation of rehab, but it opens the door to many new possibilities regarding treatment. This also causes the definition of a “drug problem” to be somewhat vague, as there are certainly different viewpoints of all individuals involved with the issue. While some may think it is perfectly acceptable to still participate in recreational drug use if it does not inhibit their work lives, others would argue an opposing position, one that states that drugs must be ridden entirely from oneself for rehabilitation to truly occur.

The issue, as it stands currently, is under complete lockdown. The government of the United States, as it regulates rehab and drug addiction treatment, remains sturdy in its idea that rehabilitation is synonymous with elimination.

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