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Is the idea of harm reduction really preventing any harm to heroine addict druggist. In Canada, patients are provided with heroine to treat their addiction through there insite facility.In 2013, 308 people died in British Columbia due to illicit drug overdoses, the majority of which were opioid related. People are given freedom to inject heroine in supervision of nurse. However according to analysis, there haven’t been any huge  change in heroine addict numbers dropping.

Insite is just an another place for heroine addicts to get high. Canada’s government is supporting the Isite program for general study. Therefore if more clinical research is provided by Canada Health than the government may also exempt Canada’s federal drug law. What about rehabilitation? Rehabilitation helps people recover from any drug addiction and reenter the society as better person. People will give up on traditional treatment method for drug addiction which is advantageous in all ways compared to Vancouver Insite program. The doctors are simply taking shortcut to treat these highly addicted with that same drug they are addicted to. The idea of injecting one of the purest  heroine doesn’t do any good but damages patients health further.

In  Insite treatment program, the patients are given certain dosage of heroine injected through needles into their blood stream. The needle syringe has risk of being reused again on another patient. This can give rise to HIV or Hepatitis C infection. Some of the patients may not even return to their health professional again after visiting the clinic to be aware that they may be affected with a infection.


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