Mass shootings have become the most common tragedy in our society. This is a new trend of terror so its kind of hard to make an accurate definition of it. The most accurate thing that can be said about it that mass shootings is an incident involving multiple victims due to gun violence.

The confusing part is distinguishing mass murders to gun violence. Gun violence can be considered when one person decides to rob another a gun point and still manages to wound or kill one or two victims. This wouldn’t be considered a mass murder however because there were only one or two victims within this incident. Multiple sources have a different count of victims to be considered a mass shooting but generally most people and websites agree that the number of victims to be considered a mass shooting is four whether injured or deceased. A mass shooting is just one individual an attack in one day at a single location. So the infamous Washington DC sniper is considered a mass shooting because he committed many murders throughout a course of several weeks.

Mass shootings are under the category of homicides of the Federal Beau Inspection. Mass shootings also have a sub category called school shootings. This has a clear definition than mass shootings, a school shooting basically an attack on an educational institute such as a high school or university. School shootings can be considered to be under the category of mass shootings because they usually involve multiple victims.

Any type of weapon that has live rounds and is used on an attack is considered gun violence. Guns range from small firearms such as pistols to heavy artily such as machine guns. Every type of weapon has been used in a different sense to commit murder among individuals. The most common weapons to use are automatic assault rifles. There is no specific location on where a mass shooting can occur. A mass shooting has proven that it can occur anywhere. It can occur at educational institutions, as previously mentioned, movie theaters and even churches. A recent mass shooting even occurred on live TV. As stated before, mass shootings are a new trend that really no one can get a grasp on how to define them yet.

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