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President Obama came in into the white house with a war already on his plate. However the writer explains how all he did was dig a deeper and deeper hole for him. Originally we were sent over as retaliation for 9/11. This is why Americans view what is going on as a good thing because they love the fact that we are getting them back for what they did to us. When in reality Americans have no idea how many deaths we have alone in this war. At the time it did make sense though because they attacked us so wouldn’t we fight back. When someone punches you your reaction isn’t let them keep hitting you, no, you hit them right back.

Obama had one thought in mind and that was to control the whole country to prevent further attacks on U.S. soil. Seems like a good idea right? Well let’s look at some facts then. We know that Afghanistan populates 30 million people and is about the size of Texas. Obama forgets that there are more countries with Afghanistan such as Yemen and Somalia. The article says that if we had killed Bin Laden right away we would have withdrawn victorious. However, in the end he believes that in the end we may be reduced to retreating indecisively, maybe even ignominiously.

The threat of terrorists will always be here, but Obama is not taking this matter lightly. He has a right to be concerned just like every other American because when Iraq wants us extinct it’s alarming and very scary. Obama’s ideas are not very well thought out it seems though. He describes this as an emergency intervention for humanitarian purposes to mutate into a major military campaign. Obama needs to be doing more things like what he did for the starving people of the Yazidi religion. He had an aircraft drop food and water, but then he orders an airstrike to protect the citizens trapped there.

Don’t get me wrong I understand we need to have allies in this world, but once we start killing people to protect a country we are friends with you slowly understand why we keep being threatened and attacked. If we continue to kill their troops it is only going to fuel their anger towards us even more. I do not support the terrorists in any way shape or form, but if we are killing them and keep getting our country involved who knows what the Iraq terrorists will do. We are just lighting a fuse that will eventually blow, I mean these people are literally killing themselves to kill us. I just feel like there is some way for the United States to compromise with the countries we are fighting so that no more blood or tears will be expelled and we can focus more on our country and not everyone else.

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