E10- abcdefg577

Money factors so largely into everyday life that it is practically impossible to do much or socially advance if we lack funds. Money’s value is always felt, even when we are not physically in the presence of the prized linen slips. Today, we must have faith in the government and banking system that our money is being handled properly, or risk being driven by fear to stash our money around our homes. The ambiguous nature of the banks and their mechanics leave many wondering what is going on behind vault-doors. The popular conception of money is rather simple: we either possess wealth, or we don’t. However, this assignment’s comparisons between the Yap Fei, U.S. and France gold trade in 1933, and the Brazilian cruzeiros revealed underlying similarities between various types of economic endeavors. Money transfer is largely invisible. Upon payment, we would now be surprised to receive a check or cash, since direct transferrals to our bank accounts have become the new norm.

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