White Paper – gemfhi

Content Description:

  • Marketing of Horror
  • Consumerism of Horror
  • The Desire for Fear
  • Fear Psychology
  • The Health benefits of Fear
  • Health risks of horror

Practice Opening:

Fear is often linked with horrific events and unfortunate circumstances of which reasonable individuals would actively avoid. However, fear without consequence is a consumer product. People actively pursue and pay for the sensation of fear through media such as film, video games, books, and haunted hay rides. While there is definitely a masochist demographic, there are other, perfectly mundane, reasons for viewing, and the desire to view, such content.

Practice Opening 2:

In the modern first world culture the harsh rules of nature no longer apply for human beings no longer need to worry about being hunted or killed by a predator. However, it is still ingrained in our psychology that this should be a part of our life. We experience so many emotions and struggles passively, but some might argue we aren’t fully human until we experience them all. So how is it we can trigger this part of our psychology without putting ourselves in danger? Horror media suffices.

Hypothesis 1:

Horror isn’t a hazardous product like cigarettes; it is a health supplement that could lead to a better life.

Hypothesis 2:

To omit fear from your life, is to deny a part of your humanity.

Topics for Smaller Papers:

  • Simple analysis of the psychology of fear
  • What makes a good horror film?
  • Does horror cause desensitization? Is there a point to being sensitive to fear?
  • Where is fear in everyday life?
  • Differences between worrying and fear

Current State of the Research:

Researching this topic and all the subtopics related is proving to be very convoluted and it is difficult to tell when my current line of research is being tangential or not. This is because this topic is rather broad and vague and encompasses so many fields and media from marketing and psychology, to film and art. However this is good news, for by the time I wrap my head and the paper around all of this I will gain a vast amount of knowledge across multiple fields, and hopefully my readers will too.

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