Safer Saws- cswilliams15

6A: “Table saws cause more injuries than any other woodworking tool. Although SawStop safety technology has been around for more than ten years, not all table saw manufacturers have adopted it. In fact, the world’s largest tool manufacturers rejected it. Now these manufacturers are facing dozens of lawsuits brought forth by people whose injuries could have been prevented had SawStop or similar safety mechanisms been in place.”

First: The claim that is made in the statement is that lawyers have the opportunity to call out saw manufacturers if they feel they are not doing the proper safety requirements for the saw. They will most likely win the case and earn themselves and their clients money.

Second: The second claim is that saw injuries could easily be prevented with companies just followed the correct procedures.

First: The claim states that saw manufacturers have failed to adapt to safety measures that are required by law and some saw manufactures have even rejected the safety measures. This would be easy for a lawyer to distinguish this in a court case to point out the flaws in the manufactures and win the case.

Second: If SawStop was included in some of the saws then people wouldn’t be getting their fingers cut off.

First: Manufactures of saw companies will seem to not get along with lawyers because lawyers are pointing out all of their flaws of their saws.

Second: People who have had their fingers cut off by saws, will most likely seek these lawyers to help get their payback on manufactures.

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