White Paper- Haveanelephantasticday

Working Opening

Rape victims are always raped twice. First they are physically raped, then they are raped emotionally by the justice system and society. After experiencing the devastation of rape, victims often confide in an authority in hopes that their grievance will be addressed and their attacker be punished. Instead of being relieved by the actions of the justice system, victims are shamed and blamed for being victims.

Working Opening

You got raped, it is your fault. What were you wearing? You were asking for it. Did you say no? Did you try and fight back? You know what they say, boys will be boys. Right? Wrong. Too often the victims are blamed for being the victims. We are instilling the youth with the idea that they shouldn’t be raped rather than teaching them not to rape. It is not the victims fault and we need to fix the stigma that it is.

Statistical Evidence of Unconstitutionality Towards Rape Victims

1 out of every 6 women In the United States have been victim to rape, attempted rape or aggravated assault in their lifetime. When it comes to males, 1 in every 33 may be victims of rape or attempted rape. This means that 9 out of every 10 rape victims are females. The male stigma of what constitutes rape has contributed to the fact that only 1 in every 16 rapists spend a night in jail. The problem is that we are blaming women for getting raped rather than men for raping.

Current State of Research Paper

Obviously it is still in the early stages. I am working towards developing thoughts and idea relevant to the topic I have chosen. I am finding it very difficult to focus on one specific area in my topic so eventually I plan on elaborating on smaller related topics within my paper. I am also really hoping I did this assignment correctly because I had a hard time with it.

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2 Responses to White Paper- Haveanelephantasticday

  1. haveanelephantasticday says:

    feedback requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Opening 1.
    You’ve worked this thesis with success already, elephantastic. It’s a strong argument that deserves your attention. “Society” is always an easy target that doesn’t convince careful readers. You’ll be better off if you focus your argument on a smaller slice of the nation: college campuses, for example. Colleges have a particularly problematic relationship to rape because they like to “handle” the “problem” internally instead of letting local law enforcement get involved. The public relations cost of admitting to rape on campus discourages college “law enforcement” from prosecuting. There’s a compelling motivation to discourage the victim from making successful allegations.

    Opening 2.
    You’re missing an important distinction here, elephantastic. There are two audiences. When you say “we are instilling youth,” you mean “we send the signal to males” that it’s the females’ responsibility to not be raped. To the females, we also send the signal that it’s their responsibility. We should be sending two signals. To the females, “it is never OK for a male to force your participation in a sex act.” and to the males, “you will be held accountable for anything that even smells like coercion.”

    You’re wasting your numbers here, elephantastic. The obscenely high percentage of female victims proves that they have every right to be EXTREMELY sensitive to suggestions of sexual coercion. The much lower percentage of male rape victims strongly suggests that they do not feel threatened by sexual aggression and will be blithely dismissive of suggestions that women feel at risk. Furthermore, the fact that rape is almost exclusively a male-on-female crime, combined with the fact that men are programmed to dismiss rape as a female delusion, has resulted in a culture that considers the victim “guilty until proven innocent.”

    Current State.
    How are you feeling about it now? Still need help narrowing your focus? I’m good at that.

    Reply, please.


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