Safer Saws Claims – americangods01

6a. “Now these manufacturers are facing dozens of lawsuits brought forth by people whose injuries could have been prevented had SawStop or similar safety mechanisms been in place.”

6b. First: There are manufacturers that are facing dozens of lawsuits.

Second: There are people who have been injured by saws.

Third: The people who have been injured are suing the manufacturers.

Fourth: Sawstop or similar safety mechanisms could have prevented these injuries.

Fifth: There are safety mechanisms that are similar to SawStop but not SawStop.

6c. First: Influential claim claiming that the lawsuits are affecting and influencing how the manufacturers are acting.

Second: Inferential claim claiming that, although not outwardly stated, the people were injured by the saws.

Third: This claim is influential in the way the injuries are influencing the people to sue the manufacturers.

Fourth: Hindsight claim claiming that if Sawstop or similar safety mechanisms had been in place, the injuries may not have happened.

Fifth: Analogy claim comparing other safety mechanisms are similar to SawStop.

6d. First: Dozens may or may not be an exageration of the number of lawsuits the manufacturers are facing but they are mostly facing some number of lawsuits.

Second: Although we are infering, we can guarantee that people have been injured by saws or we wouldn’t have this entire situation.

Third: The manufacturers may be facing lawsuits from people who were not the ones injured, possibly by the creators of the safety mechanisms for not implementing them but the manufacturers are most certainly facing lawsuits from people who have been injured.

Fourth: The claim does not say for certain that Sawstop would have prevented these injured, only that it could have.

Fifth: We haven’t heard of any other products but that may just have been because Sawstop has caused the most controversy or that Sawstop was the first to be invented or that Sawstop has been the most successful but there are probably other safe mechanisms out there.

6e. First: Because it is not certain that the manufacturers are facing actual dozens of lawsuits, I think dozens can be removed.

Fifth: I think it would be better to just focus on Sawstop.

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