A02: Visual Rhetoric- vicarij0

Link to the Video provided by —DSH


It is a sunny day, some time between the morning and afternoon. You can tell it is not a car commercial due to there being no logo on the car. If it were a car commercial you would see for this car a Honda logo symbol on the front of the vehicle. Two doors are beginning to close so there is at least two people in the car. The house and very well keeper grass and bushes suggests whoever is the owner of this house, possibly the two people in the car, has good money or is making good money. The basketball hoop in the right side of the video tells me that it is most likely this is a family home with a kid of multiple children. The trees and no visible house to the right means that this is a wide spread neighborhood where the houses are not sitting on top of each other. This is another indicator that whoever lives in this home has good money.


There are two boys around the age of 12 in the front seat fighting over something physical in the boys hand. Both of the boys faces are very intense and is showing serious aggression towards the item in the boy’s hand. There is a teenage girl in the back seat listening to music threw her pink headphones. She is either ignoring what is going on with what I assume would be either her brothers, cousins, or possibly neighborhood friends or she is completely oblivious to the boys in the middle row seats due to her music being too loud maybe. The car is all black leather interior and looks like a very roomy and comfy drive.


Camera is moved and now focuses on the driver who could be the children’s father. His hair is gelled and he is wearing a white undershirt with a flannel which could mean he is going somewhere casual with his family or maybe its a little chilly outside and the white undershirt was not enough. He has a blank look on his face, but you can see his lips starting to get tense which could be caused by the boys in the back being loud and obnoxious. his seat belt is on which means he is ready to start driving, however his facial expression tells me he probably is not going to leave until the commotion with the boys is settled. Both the boys hand can be seen in the middle and they seem to still be fighting over some sort of an object or they are just pushing each other. It is hard to tell due to the focus being on the driver and the background being blurred. The fir can also be seen still listening to her music in the very back.


Now a woman is shown in the passenger seat. She seems to be around the same age as the driver which tells me that they are most likely married and that the children in the back are most likely theirs. She has a very similar look as the driver did which means she is feeling the same way about the fighting in the back has the driver does. However, the way her lips are positioned makes it seem like she is about to speak up to the children and tell them to calm down unlike the driver who was just blankly looking out the windshield. She is also wearing her seat belt so she is also ready to leave the driveway and go to the intended destination. You can kind of see the boy’s face and his arm which is towards the other half of the screen because he is most likely still trying to get the object from the other boy or he is simply pushing him. The girl in the very back seat is still listening to her music paying no attention to whats in front of her. I know this because threw the blur of the background you can see her head looking out the back window.


The Boys are not physically pushing each other and you can now see they are fighting over a bag of cheese puffs. From the boys constantly pulling the bag back and forth it finally rips and you see the cheese puffs begin to fly in the air. The boy to the left has a facial expression on that shows that he did not expect the bag to eventually rip open from the constant tearing. The boy to the right looks a little more aware of the cheese puffs going all over. It is as if the boy to the right knew that the bag was eventually going to break, but he does not care because if he can’t have the puffs then no one can. You can see the girl in the backseat’s chin and it is facing directly at the bag of cheese puffs, so now she is fully aware of what is going on in the car. However, her lips have no expression so that could either mean the video did not capture the face she is going to make soon which could be a shocked face or she simply does not care enough.


The cheese puffs are going very far from the bag now, so far that some of the puffs are not even in focus of the camera. The boy to the left still seems very frightened over the bag breaking. His partner in crime however now looks almost excited that the cheese puffs are going everywhere. The girl in the background completely vanishes now due to the cheese puffs blocking her whole face and upper body.


The mom is now turning around with her mouth open suggesting she is about to yell at the boys for spilling the snack all over the well kept car. Her eyes show the angry in her face so she is definitely anger. The boys are now very close to each other’s faces and they are both screaming at each other. You can tell because of how much the mouths are open and by the boy to the rights tightened and tensed neck. The girl in the way back still has no facial expression at all on her face which means she is most likely used to these boys fighting as if it were a daily ritual. Her head looks like it is about to go back to whatever she was doing prior to the bag spilling again showing she has no interest. Her eyes are still looking up at the boys though so she did have slight interest and curiosity to what was going on.


The moms head is now fully turned around and she is looking at one or both of the boys. She has a cheese puff on her left shoulder which would only make her more made because she is also dressed casual and is wearing a yellow sweater. He face however does not look as angry as before. maybe because she is so used to the boys making a mess. Her hair is done nice and she has lipstick on so this is a reminder that the family is defiantly going out in public so they want to look nice, but not over done.


The boy to the left looks almost confused and sad. He maybe confused because he was expecting his mom to yell at them but she did not. He is defiantly locking eyes with his mother and his brother is also looking directly at the mother. However, the boy to the right almost looks like he is shocked that he may have gotten of so easy for the mess he took part in. His look could also be interpreted as a damn we got caught and there is no way out of this one. The girl in the background is looking at the mother so now she is fully engaged. Maybe because she wants to see her brothers get in trouble for being such a pain.


Here the boys just put their seat belts on. This explains the shocked looks on the boy’s faces because she must have completely ignored the fact that there are cheese doodles all over the car and told them to put there seat belts on. That took a very unexpected turn which leads me to believe that this is some sort of safely commercial because why else would the mom completely ignore the fact that an entire bag of puffs were ripped open and flung all over the car. It is such a curve that there is really no other logical explanation.


The driver who we can infer to be the dad is now happy all of a sudden. This means that the whole time his blank face look was most likely due to the fact that his son’s seat belts were not buckled yet. The mom seems to be turning back around to face the front again still ignoring that there are cheese puffs everywhere. You can also see the boy to the left and he looks calm and relieved that the fighting is over with his brother and he didn’t get yelled at by his mom for what he thought she was going to originally yell at him for.


The car is now pulling out of the driveway. So the whole time the only reason the car was not already in motion was due to the boys in the back not having their seat belts on. So the driver was defiantly waiting for everyone to be buckled up which tells me this is 100 percent some sort of a safe driving commercial.


The saying never give up until they give up appears which indicates that the point is do not leave the or move the car until everyone seat belts are on. That buckling up is a battle the parents must always win. The end quote says “never give up until they buckle up,” so now it is proven that this was a safe driving commercial for parents and other adults so they make sure everyone in the car is safe and ready for the trip ahead.

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3 Responses to A02: Visual Rhetoric- vicarij0

  1. vicarij0 says:

    Feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Granted I may have gone a little bit overboard in my red insertion above, vicarij0, but mine’s closer to being the right amount of detail and analysis than your first draft is.

    We are very quick and accurate “readers” of visual media and respond to many more clues than you give us credit for in your draft. Much of what we gather, briefly analyze—mostly subconsciously—is not specifically necessary for the overall message to be effective, but the WRONG image or clue can spell disaster for the filmmaker.

    For example:
    —If this car were a recognizable make, we might think the spot was a car ad.
    —If the car were not well-maintained, we’d wonder about the safety of the vehicle, which would confuse the question of why the folks make the kids buckle up.
    —If the house were rundown, or too rich, we’d wonder if a particular socio-economic group was being stereotyped.
    . . . and so on.

    Therefore, in describing the video, be thorough in what we can and cannot conclude just watching. Early impressions may turn out to be incorrect. Later, you can explain how those early misinterpretations ruined, delayed, or enhanced the persuasiveness of the producer’s message.

    OK? Reply, please. Then improve your work by posting a revised A05: Visual Rewrite.


  3. davidbdale says:

    The A02: Visual Rhetoric assignment doesn’t go into the Portfolio, vicarij0. The A05: Visual Rewrite does. If you significantly revised your A02 without creating a new post in the Rewrite category, you should copy this version into a new post with the right name and put the A05 into your portfolio. Things get very confusing otherwise.


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