Visual Rewrite- Peachesxo


The back of a little boy can be seen looking at a fence or even opening it.The area looks very suburban. We can see a light pole and one car passing by the young boy.  The boy is probably a young elementary student because of the book bag on his back. On the left of the frame, there is part of a white house. Could it be a school or his home? The clothes the boy are wearing are pretty clean and simple.


The young boy opened the fence which looked old because of the gray rustic color. Looking at the body language, the boy does not seemed scared to open the gate. Then boy walked into the building. He seems to close the door comfortably because he body does not shift backwards to shut the door.


The boy turns slightly to the left. Maybe he was greeting someone? We can see the boy move forward towards a room or a person.


The boy puts his book bag on the floor in what it seems like the kitchen. The kitchen looks rather empty but clean. His body language tells us that he’s pretty comfortable because he heads straight for the fridge like it was a routine. The drawing on the refrigerator probably belongs to the young boy.


When the boy opens the refrigerator, there is little food the fridge. There are a couple of sauces and something in two containers. There’s not a variety of food the boy can eat. The Jar on the middle shelf looks like pasta sauce and next to it maybe be some sort of juice or milk.


We can see the boy through the crack of the open fridge. He is looking down like he’s trying to find food; however, he does not look surprised. It seems like the lack of food or his routine is nothing new to him.


We can now see the whole entire fridge and it’s basically empty. The boy is looking up to see if there is any food on the top shelf of the fridge. There is a drawing on the refrigerator, but there is no male figure in it. Does he not have a father? The family or whoever owns the fridge might be poor or even neglectful because of the lack of food.


There are multiple drawings that are seen on the fridge with blue certificate. Maybe it was from school. The drawings might belong to other kids that are in the house. Maybe siblings? The hearts on the refrigerator might indicate that the people who live there are happy, but maybe they’re just struggling because of poverty.


The boy gets to the shelf above the counter and he opens it. Maybe the boy knows where his parents or the adult of the house stores the food so he puts it upon himself to find food. When the boy opens the cabinet, he finds spices. There are some canned food but not that many. The shelf has some open spots where food might used to be. None of the food can be distinguished; however, the can smeat can me read clearly. Maybe this is a common item the kid eats for his meals? He doesn’t take it so that might indicate that he is tired of it.


The boy can be seen looking up on the shelf. He looks like he’s thinking about something. The boy looks rather sad and disappointed that he couldn’t find what he was looking for. He looks like he’s about to grab the ends of his sweater while looking down towards the ground.


The boy looks like he’s walking away from the kitchen. On the way out he spares a glance at the refrigerator one last time. His book bag disappears. Maybe someone took it somewhere or it was a simple director mistake.


The scene changes to Scarlett Johansson. On the side of the screen there is a logo that says “Feeding America”. Her expression looks serious like she is delivering an important message. She seems to tell us to give someone back to people. Is it money or food? Going off context of the video, it seems she maybe be asking us to give food to families.

0:28-31 (end)

The logo Feeding America is now centered in the video implying its importance.

While listening to the video with audio, it made a big difference. Yes I could imply that the video was about a boy who was looking for something to eat (like a snack) when there was no audio. However, when I listened to it with audio it made a greater impact. A young boy goes home wanting to eat, but there is no food in his household. In the end, the lady told us a statistic about how 1 in 5 families struggle with hunger in America.  If there wasn’t any audio throughout the clip, I would not know it was about hunger until the very end when it says “Feeding America”.

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