Visual Rewrite- BigFoot9

0:01- Three high school aged girls appear on screen. They are walking down steps to what appears to be a high school. Perhaps they just finished school and are departing. They all seem to be in good mood and keeping a conversation between the three.

0:04- A young boy with a backpack appears in the shot. It appears that the young man is high school age and turns to the one blond hair girl to talk. It is a possibility that he is a classmate and that he needs help on a homework problem. It must have been something good towards the girl because she starts to smile when she faces the camera.

0:07- The other girl that is with the blond haired girl turns to her and says something. The talk is about anything because they have straight faces, so the conversation is not something bad nor good. The blond girls smile gets bigger so the boy must have said something good to her to make her have such a vibrant smile.

0:11- A typical high school football practice with players on the field and a coach. The coach has his mouth open with intent to talk. He might be telling the players to do a certain drill or yelling at someone.

0:14- The Coach on the field turns his attention to the blond girl from the first scene. The blond girls expression changes. The coach might have said something negative towards her because she develops a negative facial expression. Perhaps he is her gym teacher and she didn’t preform in class or has a brother on the team that dint show up to practice.

0:19- The scene changes to an escalator in what appears to be a shopping mall. The trio of girls from the first scene are going down the escalator, perhaps to a store or the food court. Two boys, high school aged, appear to be discussing something on the opposite escalator. It must have to do with one of the girls because one point is pointing his finger right towards them.

0:22-:24- The two boys pointing are pointing directly at the blond haired girl. They are speaking about something that has to do with the blond hair. Its a possibility that they know her and she did something bad because her facial expression goes from happy to express stress or worry.

0:25-0:36- The trio of girls appear to be going into a movie theater to watch a movie. The blond girl hands her ticket and expresses a genuine smile to the ticket taker. The expression is quick to change because she starts to express worry or a similar emotion. This state changes due to the ticket taker saying something to her. Perhaps he accused her of not being old enough for the movie , or that her ticket wasn’t real. The ticket taker continues to stare at her while she walks to her room.

0:40-0:42- The scene opens up to a picnic area with palm trees as umbrellas over tables, perhaps it is a themed eatery. An older man, perhaps a janitor of a company is staring at the blond haired girl. He might recognize the young woman and starts to talk to her. The blond haired girls expression changes from pleased to worried within microseconds. Perhaps the man said something to her that made her uneasy. It must have made her upset because the camera zooms in on her uneasy face and she gets up and starts to quickly leave the establishment.

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