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For my research essay, I will be evaluating the merits and downfalls of the NSA’s extensive surveillance and their affects on the American public. After Edward Snowden’s critical reveal of the levels of surveillance the NSA had over America in 2013, the public outraged and began to investigate deeper. Since then, we have been able to analyze how, what and why the NSA have been monitering us.

What the NSA has been doing has done us more harm than good. They claim that they are using their surveillance abilities to watch for terrorists but their abilities go far beyond that and it is being used to gather more information than just terrorist plans. Although many of us having nothing to hide and no wrongdoings in mind, it is not information that is necessary to share with our government and something should be done for our privacy.

Privacy Is Dead. Long Live Transparency!

This MotherJones article asks questions that most people were probably wondering when the information was first released such as “What happened to the Fourth Amendment?” and “Can we save privacy?” and answers them with information about the NSA and the government.

This articles is useful for supporting my argument with information from things such as the Patriot Act and FISA Amendment Act

5 Reasons Why The NSA’s Massive Surveillance Program Is No Big Deal (And 2 Reasons It Is)

This article gives reasons why we should not be as worked up about the NSA’s surveillance as we are.

This article gives reasons from the other side of the argument and can be used to enhance my argument by arguing against these reasons.

The NSA’s Second Coming

This is a more recent article that illustrates everything the NSA is still doing since the release of information in 2013.

This information useful for my essay because it shows all the boundaries the NSA is still overstepping.

U.S. Confirms That It Gathers Online Data Overseas

This article gives information on just how much data the NSA is collecting. Not only do they tap American phone calls but they are collecting information from the internet and all around the world.

This is useful for understanding just how much information the NSA has at its hands.

Mikko Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust — time to act

Mikko Hypponen is a security expert from Finland giving his TED talk in Brussels about the information leaks from Edward Snowden about the NSA and giving his views as a foreigner of the US on our surveillance. He brings many things the NSA or defenders of the NSA may say as points of their arguments and gives reason why those arguments are weak or even wrong.

This source gives insight from a point of view outside the US which can be valueable to the paper as it gives reasons why the NSA’s actions are wrong from a different yet still very valid angle. He brings up many points which can all be elaborated on.

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  1. americangods01 says:

    The N in NSA may stand for National, but their levels of surveillance go far beyond just its nation. The NSA have been reading, watching and listening to anything that goes on in the world and even after Edward Snowden released the information he had on the NSA in 2013, the NSA have not slowed down their ceaseless hunger for information. Their claim is that they are protecting us from terrorists but there is nothing protecting us from them. Although most of the public may have nothing to hide, private information should stay private.


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