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72 percent of professors teaching at an American university are liberals while only 15 percent are conservatives. With this being said, it seems as though theirs more of a chance that a liberal teacher is going to bring their beliefs into the classroom. More professors will persuade liberalism which leads to how college professors are indoctrinating students. This affects our generation because teachers fail to adequately challenge undergraduates which often leaves many of them unprepared for the real world.

This article talks about how professors are brainwashing their students with liberalism. How being exposed to diversity, literature, and the arts is more likely to liberalize one’s viewpoint.

The article talks about avoiding leftist indoctrination on college campuses. “College courses, which are often taught by biased professors who espouse leftist ideology, fail to adequately challenge undergraduate students and often leave many of them woefully unprepared for the real world.” Many students hide their political views with the fear that their professors will penalize them. 72% of professors in american universities are liberals while 15% are conservatives.

The article touches on how teachers value intellectual achievement more than moral achievements which essentially states that they care more about the “parrot effect” where a student repeats what the teacher has taught them rather than showing what a student has learned. Which brings me back to how teachers bring liberalism into the classrooms with only their beliefs in mind.

This article touches on the issue of the definition of diversity that is being taught in the American education system. One student at Swarthmore University stated in an interview that the ideas of a conservative individual should not be mentioned at a liberal arts college and those ideas that agree towards hers are acceptable. This is stated because she feels as though conservatism is the dominant belief and people should not conform to this. In a true liberal arts college, the objective is to find the truth within an argument by closely observing all sides, yet this student refuses to allow certain views in, thus making her argument not a true liberal arts belief. These ideas have come from her indoctrination at this school and comes from the professors that have fed these views to her.

The article talks about how schools should not have to decide on whether to be a conservative or liberal, but rather the students be able to learn basic skills and consider different ideas, opinions and beliefs.

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  1. belldere says:

    72 percent of professors teaching at an American university are liberals while only 15 percent are conservatives. Consequently, there is a high likelihood that teachers will bring liberal beliefs into the classroom. But why are most college professors liberals? In Ryan Borek’s article”Why are Professors Liberal,” he gives 6 different reasons to why there are more liberal teachers in American Universities.

    Most professors will persuade liberalism with the further consequence that students become indoctrinated with liberal beliefs. Such behavior fails to adequately challenge entire generations of students to think for themselves and form their own world views. Indoctrination rather than an open exchange of competing ideas sends graduates into the world ill-prepared to contribute to real-world challenges.
    The Common Constitutionalist wrote the article, “Kids Need to be Taught Reality” where kids who are indoctrnated with liberalism are not prepared for the real world. Kids who have to wear uniforms are being robbed of their creativity which liberals indoctrinate them to be more of. They encourage kids to be different and wacky. How now all sports teams give out ribbons and trophies for just showing up instead of honoring top achieving students. This affects us in the long run because it makes everyone think that if something goes wrong its someone else’s fault. Kids grow up to not be able to cope with real world situations and essentially look for a scapegoat for everything, leaving people unprepared for real world challenges.


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