For my reasearch paper i will be arguing how violent video games effects the brain. How by playing violent video games that involve killing and blood and fighting cause effects on the brain. In some of the articles they talk about doing tests on people who play violent video games for a week and then see how it effects their brain. They do an MRI on them and see that it has effected their brain. They give real life examples on how people who killed people in real life were avid gamers. Kids who are avid gamers also have a tendancy to stop seeing friends, gain weight, have bad hygiene, never leave their rooms, etc… Overal there are effects on the brains of children and adults who play violent video games.

Background:  This article talks about how they did a study on kids who played violent video games for a week. They did an MRI on the kids to scan brain activity. Studies show that those who played violent video games showed less activity in areas involving emotions. After bringing them back after a week of not playing video games, the brains activity reverted back to normal reactions but they weren’t completely the same.

Background: This article starts off by giving us an example of someone who played video games and how it effected their life. He talks about how he gained weight, he never saw his friends, became lazy and spent 18 hours everyday playing video games for 2 years. They give some examples about if you might think you’re addicted to video games and they even give you a parent’s guide on how to help your child not get addicted.

Background: This article talks about a study in the University of Missouri that violent video games appear to make people more aggressive and desensitized to the violence that we see everyday. They state the effects could be dramatic and even enduring. The article states, “While video games may teach our children to have better hand-eye coordination, or even improve their detail-oriented vision, they certainly don’t teach many valuable lessons, especially not the most popular games played by children and young adults today.” There are some benefits of gaming but the bad effects out weigh the good.

Background: This article did a study on 3 different types of video games non killing game, one with characters that only attack those to be killed and one thats an open world enviornment where bystanders can be killed. They put sensors on peoples brains and mouths to detect smiles and frowns. “Spending too much time within the virtual world may prevent gamers from getting involved in different positive social experiences in real life and developing a positive sense of what is right and wrong,” states Bajovic.

Background: This article begins with walking you through the beginning of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and how realistic its made to feel. They give you a real life situation with Adam Lanza who killed 26 people in Connecticut and how he was an avid Call of Duty player. They talk about the study of video games in a more limited way. This meaning they test people for say a week playing games. They do everything in small numbers and small groups.

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3 Responses to Proposal+5—belldere

  1. davidbdale says:

    Be careful, belldere. This topic is very often chosen by students who have already written on the same topic more than once. Perhaps you’re a rookie on this topic. Either way, I will hold you to high standards. Your explanation above offers nothing resembling an arguable thesis.

    My repeated enjoyment of guacamole has “an effect on my brain.” See the problem? Language as vague as that is useless. Choose a specific thesis and spell it out clearly. Then we can proceed.

    I have nothing against your basic plan, but I’ll demand clarity, specificity, arguability, verifiability. These are hard to come by from the popular literature. Dig down. This topic deserves some rigor.

    Reply, please.


  2. belldere says:

    With all due respect, your comments appear to be coming across as unprofessional towards a student learning to better hone their research abilities. After careful review of the comments listed above I have decided to change my topic to how college professors are indoctrinating students and the effects it has on our generation. With your permission I would like to redo the homework assignment.


    • davidbdale says:

      I completely agree, belldere. I pushed too hard with you. You may change your topic if that’s your choice, without penalty since you have already completed the assignment on time. If I bumped you off this topic unwillingly, you may of course change your mind again and stick with it. But if I’ve provided you motivation to pursue a thesis about education, I will welcome that too.

      I do push hard, but I can learn, and I respond to feedback from my students immediately until we find our best working method. I appreciate that you reacted promptly, and I look forward to guiding you more carefully toward your best result. Where shall we go from here?


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