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For my research essay I will be examining the influence of American food Franchises on Other countries. American Food Franchises have been popping up all over the United States since the 1950’s. The food franchses have ran rampant since then leading to almost every town in the country having at least two fast food options to choose from. In cities it is even worse, with American food franchises on every single corner and on every street, even more than one on some streets. After these franchises have taken over America, the owners turned their eyes to the world, building up their chains where they saw fit.

American Fast food franchises have slowly found their way to travel abroad. The owners started to build their establishments in other countries and sometimes right next to famous landmarks. A video on YouTube shows that within walking distance, there is a KFC and Pizza hut for people to eat from. It is not acceptable to have American fast food chains in other countries due to some of these reasons but not limited to, health reasons, culture impact, and animal cruelty.

Source 1

The article talks about the negative impact that McDonald has on the obesity rate all over the world. It talks about the rising cost of health insurance due to the health declining. It also references helpful numbers to provide backup as to how many people are now obese and the cost of everything.

Source 2

The video is a source to show my viewers that chains have been popping up next to landmarks. I am going to use this video to show that fast food chains do not can care about wonders of the world but yet how many dollars they can fit into their pockets.

Source 3

This article continues to provide proof of the rising health risks in other nations due to the fact of Fast food. It states figures I will utilize to show the negative impact that these chains are having on the health of other nations

Source 4

The article and video posted on this site show and state the cruelty that the animals go through in order to fulfil the need for the meat in all of the fast food chains in America and in other nations. It talks about conditons and the things that happen that will provide the support I will need.

Source 5

This essay completes it all. It talks about everything needed to support. It talks about the destruction of culture, health impacts, and meat manipulation that takes place in order to supply the food. I will use this article to support all of my negative impacts in this essay.

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  1. bigfoot9 says:

    1The owners of the fast food establishments need to the need to stop building their establishment’s in other countries. In the United States alone, according to Yahoo Finance, there are about 15,000 McDonalds and increasing. Since the United States has already a vast number of fast food chains, the owners have been building these establishments in other countries. The negative impact of these fast food restaurants on the health of foreign consumers is incontrovertible.

    1According to the national obesity rate indicates that 31.8 percent of adults in Mexico are obese. The article references this was caused when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) passed. The bill allowed fast food franchises to build their unhealthy eating establishments in other countries. With the passing of the bill also allowed sugary carbonated beverages easier access into their diets. The article states “Mexicans now consume 43 gallons of soda per capita annually.” Soda is basically pure sugar and sits in your body and easily turns into fat quickly. With the rapid construction of these establishments its no wonder why populations have seen decline in health

    2.American Culture has always been something the American population has always been proud of. Our culture includes our love for the local sport teams and having bbqs on the 4th of July to celebrate our day of Independence. Although those are good customs to have, there are negative customs and that would be our fast food consumption. Over 25% of americans consume fast food everyday, and now that establishments are in other countries, it has caused a negative impact on their culture.

    When one travels to another country, it is safe to assume that during their travels they have aspriations to taste the delicate cuisine of the other country they are visiting, but according to Ramona Stumpe, author of The Impact of McDonald’s the fast industries have taken a toll on culture.


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