For my research essay, I will be examining a variety of musical tastes and preferences. Different age brackets may have completely different preferences.For example,   a lot of people like the music that was popular when they were young and adventurous. At some point love so certain types of music, singers, bands sticks with them for the rest of the life. Music preferences can influence person’s behavior, decisions. Also,  music preferences may depend on the mood or season of the year.  When the first snow falls, music brings some magical Christmas mood, warmth and waiting for the mystery.

This article is a research with statistics about college students, young children and their preferences in music. It examines 187 students and kids and compares their results in a chart.

This article is about music preferences and how they depend on a season of the year. The article is a research that clearly describes, how much types of music can depend on the weather outside.

The article describes in details the wide variety of musical styles, how they’re different, and why some people prefer one style over another.

Another research about youth and their music preferences. The author believes that music person is listening to can be some kind of protest, and can depend on our surrounding like friends and family.

The article defines what the music preference is and how the music person likes can affect his life.

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