For my research essay I will be examining the prescription heroin offered in Vancouver for addicts. A study conducted by the doctors at the Providence Crosstown Clinic – located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, received their first batch of prescription heroin from a lab in Switzerland that will be given to 120 severely addicted people under medical supervision. Vancouver has been trying to break this problem for many years but by setting up safe zones, a safe place where addicts can shoot up with clean syringes and the supervision of nurses they hope that this hard supply of prescription of heroin can really break the habit from even some of the worst addicts.

Vancouver combats heroin by giving its worst addicts the best smack in the world

Background: This article discusses the idea of safe zones and provides remarks from Allen Schauffler, Pacific Northwest Correspondent for Al Jazeera who goes more into depth about the research that’s taking place in Vancouver and the outcome they would like to see.

This article will give me more detailed information from someone who is currently addressing the issue with drugs in Vancouver and will allow me to know if the safe zones are doing any good with decreasing the violence as well breaking addicts away from their addiction.

Prescription heroin offered in Vancouver outside of clinical trial for 1st time

Background: Provides a live interview with an addict who is participating in the study. Talks about the program and if the program has done anything for him  since it has started. Also, goes more into depth about the medical aspect of the study such as how many addicts are involved in the actual study or those sent to a methadone.

This article will allow me to address whether the program has been doing any good for the city of Vancouver. Also, do addicts find the program helpful or not since an addict in the study has been interviewed.

Vancouver addicts soon to receive prescription heroin

Background: Talks about the battle of this development between Vancouver doctors and Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose, who objected to the idea of treatment and introduced regulations to make prescribing the drug outside of clinical treatment illegal.

This article will be very helpful to me when I am researching if anyone was against the idea of prescribing free heroin to some of the worst addicts.

Vancouver’s Supervised Drug Injection Center: How Does It Work?

Background: Provides background information from Tim Gauthier, Insite’s current clinical coordinator and registered nurse on how the safe zones actually work and how are the addicts given the heroin and what it actually means when say they are under supervision.

This article will allow me to described how the safe zones work and what goes on inside them.

Addicts shoot up in safe haven in Canada

Background: Talks about the overdoses that have taken place in the “safe” haven, how the Federal Government doesn’t support the idea of funding drug use and if these safe havens are doing any good to the city.

This article will allow me to address whether safe havens are actually safe is addicts are still capable of overdosing under medical supervision and if it was a good idea to fund drug by providing addicts with not only more heroin but FREE heroin!

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  1. fromcasablanca says:

    Feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


    • davidbdale says:

      This has been a very popular topic for the last two semesters, fromcasablanca, but it hasn’t resulted in an “A” paper yet. The tendency of students who choose it has been to rely on the provided news accounts as their sole source material, and to make bland statements about either, 1) the shortsightedness of providing addicts with drugs instead of “curing” them, or 2) the “better than nothing” advantage of making addicts less likely to commit crimes to support their habits.

      Best grades will be reserved for writers who dig deeper and bring in support from unexpected academic sources. Be ready to be challenged on any simplistic explanations.

      Understand, I don’t object to the topic at all: I suggested it. But I must warn you that my experience with students who select it has not been the best. You need a strong, clear thesis; academic rigor; and something like a revelation to offer on the topic to achieve the top grade.

      Reply, please.


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