E04: Critical Reading—wildcuttlefish

Paragraph 1:

“But she’s got a warrior’s skills: hyperawareness, hypervigilance, adrenaline-sharp quick-scanning for danger, for triggers. Super stimuli-sensitive…”

-This is a categorical claim, showing readers the warrior skills that Brannan has, which is abnormal for someone who has not been to war. It makes me feel very curious in why she is so super stimuli-senstive.

“Being too cognizant of every sound—every coin dropping an echo—she explodes inwardly, fury flash-incinerating any normal tolerance for a fellow patron with a couple of dollars in quarters and dimes.”

-This is a casual claim. What it is implying is, Brannan has burst of rage because she is too cognizant of sound and has little tolerance. I love the auditory imagery in this sentence with the echo, and visual imagery when she “explodes inwardly…” with “flash incinerating any normal tolerance…” The description adds emphasis on how angry she is over a small issue. It’s just an old lady paying for soap. It makes me wonder how she acts with problems at home and at her work, it makes me wonder about her family.

Paragraph 4:

“Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms”

-Casual claim, this sentence implies that Caleb is the root of the rage and abnormal behaivor. Interestingly, the sentence says that his symptoms were caught as if it was a sickness. How can you catch PTSD? Also, this sentence also hints that it takes a long time for people to be influenced or changed by the person with PTSD. This makes me wonder how the family handled Caleb’s change.

“When a sound erupts—Caleb screaming at Brannan because she’s just woken him up from a nightmare…”

-This is a casual claim, revealing how sensitive Caleb is to sound, resulting in him screaming at his wife. If he is so sensitive to sound, it must make it hard to live in a house with him.

“Even when everyone’s in the family room watching TV, it’s only connected to Netflix and not to cable, since news is often a trigger…”

-Casual claim, showing readers that even watching Tv, the family has to be cautious because the sounds from the news could trigger Caleb. Also, the family cannot live the same as before, like simply watching the news, some adjustments were made because of Caleb, and it isn’t just how they watch TV.

“Their German shepherd, a service dog trained to help veterans with PTSD,  is ready to alert Caleb to triggers by barking, or to calm him by jumping onto his chest”

-This could be a definition claim because it is telling readers what Caleb’s service dog is, a trained dog to help veterans with PTSD. In addition, this could be a categorical claim because it is listing the task the service dog is trained to do like calming Caleb and barking. People with PTSD needs a lot of attention and reassurance. It is good that there are service dogs in this world.

Paragraph 7:

“Now, he’s rounder, heavier, bearded, and long-haired, obviously tough even if he weren’t prone to wearing a COMBAT INFANTRYMAN cap…”

-Categorical claim, describing Caleb’s appearance.

Paragraph 8:

“Caleb is so sensitive to light, why he can’t just watch the news like a regular person without feeling as if he might catch fire.”

-Casual claim, telling readers why he cannot watch the news because he will think he might catch fire. PTSD is more than just stress, it is affect people’s lives and mental health.

“Some hypotheses for why PTSD only tortures some trauma victims blame it on unhappily coded proteins, or a misbehaving amygdala. Family history, or maybe previous trauma.”

-Categorial claim, telling readers what might be the cause of Caleb’s PTSD.

Paragraph 11:

“Granted, diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing. The result of a malfunctioning nervous system that fails to normalize after trauma and instead perpetrates memories and misfires life-or-death stress for no practical reason, it comes in a couple of varieties, various complexities, has causes ranging from one lightning-fast event to drawn-out terrors or patterns of abuse—in soldiers, the incidence of PTSD goes up with thenumber of tours and amount of combatexperienced…”

-Definition claim, this is a very detailed description of what PTSD is.

“And the fact that the science hasn’t fully caught up with the suffering, that Caleb can’t point to something provably, biologically ruining his life, just makes him feel worse.”

-I think this is a casual claim, because it tells readers that Caleb does not know the definite cause of his PTSD because science and doctors still hasn’t figured it out. It must be frustrating for Caleb to not know whats going on with him exactly, especially with today’s technology.

Paragraph 13:

he was in at least 20 explosions—IEDs, vehicle-borne IEDs, RPGs.

-Categorical, tells readers the explosions Caleb went through.

“Trauma is a contagious disease; it affects everyone that has close contact with a traumatized person” in some form or another, to varying degrees and for different lengths of time.”

-Definition claim, this describes PTSD that it is a contagious disease, which is probably just an analogy. The point is, when one person is affected by trauma, it affects the people around them.

Paragraph 22:

“Holocaust survivors ‘had more resources and networks, wider family members and community to support them to adapt to their new circumstances after a war.’They were not, in other words, expected to man up and get over it.”

-This is casual claim, because it shows that the holocaust survivors did well after war because they had more resources and better circumstances that helped them get over the trauma. This reveals that most people from war don’t have to be victims of PTSD, they just need a lot of support like the holocaust survivors did. There is an attitude towards PTSD that it is shell shock or irritable heart, but people need to take it more seriously and give much support to soldiers coming from war.

Paragraph 25:

“…for the vast majority of people with the secondary traumatization model, the most important way to help the family deal with things is to ensure that the veteran gets effective treatment…”

-Casual claim, saying what is best is to get effective treatment.

Paragraph 27:

“Brannan is a force of keeping her family together. She sleeps a maximum of five hours a night, keeps herself going with fast food and energy drinks, gets Katie to and from school and to tap dance and art, where Katie produces some startlingly impressive canvases, bright swirling shapes bisected by and intersected with other swaths of color, bold, intricate.”

-Categorical, She has to keep herself going with fast food and energy drinks, how exhausting! This shows the extra work Brannan has to endure because of her husband’s condition. She has to work harder for to keep her family together.

“That’s typical parent stuff, but Brannan also keeps Caleb on his regimen of 12 pills—antidepressants, anti-anxiety, sleep aids, pain meds, nerve meds, stomach meds—plus weekly therapy, and sometimes weekly physical therapy for a cartilage-lacking knee…”

-Categorical, not only does Brannan has to care for her daughter, Katie, she has to care for her husband also. She has to be very prepared with many medications for her husband, this shows how much Brannan’s life has changed from a normal life to having many responsibilities for her family.

Paragraph 28

Family of a Vet, a nonprofit created “to help you find your way, find the information you need, and find a way not only to cope with life after combat…but to survive and thrive!”

-Definition claim, it is defining what the organization of Family of a Vet is.

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